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an alphabet used by the deaf

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A blind and deaf wild child at the age of 7, she became, by the time she published The Story of My Life at 22, one of Radcliffe's most successful and polished students, fluent in Latin, Greek, German, French and (not least) English--not to mention three versions of Braille (English, American, New York Point) and the manual alphabet in which her renowned teacher Anne Sullivan first communicated with her.
Braille's contribution to opening up books to the blind and L'Epee's manual alphabet opening up conversations to the deaf (yeah I know I just blew it with "people first" language).
Using a manual alphabet verifies any and all inadequacy.
Students engage in hands-on, interactive activities such as developing their own coat-of-arms, practicing the manual alphabet, writing Haiku poetry, and learning folk songs from around the world.
His inmost thoughts are discussed at nightfall, in manual alphabet, by darkly gesticulating trees.
The teacher of deaf children should begin all instruction with sign followed by writing exercises and the manual alphabet.
His residual vision allowed him to discriminate pictures and line drawings, and he was able to print the alphabet and could pair the letters with the fingerspelled manual alphabet.
Using the manual alphabet in teaching reading to learning disabled children.
However, even the use of finger spelling (that is, the manual alphabet, which is simple and easy to learn) can make a tremendous positive difference in communicating basic information to a deaf person.
The first section comprises 124 pages of auxiliary material such as a brief history of English; a style manual; a section discussing five Western languages; alphabets for Braille, the American Manual Alphabet, Esperanto, Morse code, and Semaphore; and multiple choice vocabulary inventories (with answers) for grades 3 through 12, and college level.
Other information includes poison control centers for each US state, temperature and pounds conversions, and the manual alphabet for American Sign Language.