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Synonyms for mantrap

a very attractive or seductive looking woman

a trap for catching trespassers

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An automated Mantrap is a physical access control solution comprising of a space between two interlocking doors.
Award Notice: Design-build construction services - new mantrap project
Many items are more than a century old, and the museum displays a 200-year-old mantrap and a clock mechanism that dates back more than 300 years.
Security is fortified with steel doors, card readers, door sensors, anti-tailgating and hand keys in the mantrap facility," said Maximo Bernales Jr.
A mantrap can be configured so that when an alarm is activated, all doors lock and trap a suspect between the doors in the "dead-space" or lock just one door to deny access to a secure space such as a data center or research lab.
Nevertheless, I could see why the company that has rented this little mantrap has kept its prices so temptingly low.
Pride and Prejudice mugs, Mantrap bags and Carry On Jeeves tea towels all bear the penguin character and colourful banner that are synonymous with this literary giant.
A giant slammed-shut clasp, half handbag, half lethal mantrap waiting to snap your legs off.
DSI also offers door alarms, annunciators, pushbuttons, key switches, and mantrap systems.
All Dawson Rentals units are Health & Safety compliant including: mantrap alarms, internal emergency release buttons and 300 lux internal lighting plus emergency lighting.
On a harrowing canoe trip in the Canadian backcountry, Ralph Prescott, the neurasthenic lawyer and hero of Sinclair Lewis's Mantrap (1926), realizes that he has made a serious mistake.
The Kennedys left a very large tip and a sharpish note to the manager suggesting that he do something about that mantrap of a baptismal font.
0, and the ManTrap honey pot system, now known as Symantec Decoy Server.
ManTrap is a commercially available product from Recourse Technologies based in California, USA.
Symantec's new ManTrap is a "honeypot"-based intrusion detection technology that complements the layered approach to enterprise security by providing an early warning for unauthorized access and misuse detection.