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shelf that projects from wall above fireplace

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Dressing your table, your hall, your mantlepiece can all help make Christmas Day really special.
Finally, there is another winner's medal on his mantlepiece.
But the Capital One Cup is no laughing matter for Arsenal this season who need to get a trophy (other than Andre Santos's Worst Left Back in the Land gong) on their mantlepiece.
Works featured in the exhibition include Picasso's Cubist influenced collage Bottle of Vieux Marc, Glass, Guitar and Newspaper (1913); Vanessa Bell's painting Still Life on Corner of Mantlepiece (1914) and Fauvism.
It's as if she's another child like me, a child that incongruously loves to polish the brasses, the twin copper kettles, all those little knick-knacks on the mantlepiece.
This Christmas stocking from Susan Watson designs will look a picture on your mantlepiece, even before it's filled up with gifts.
They're now artwork on my mantlepiece and doing just fine
Then she chose what she really liked from ornamental bits and pieces around the room and displayed them on the mantlepiece.
They might have been given one as a present and haven't a clue about it and will just leave it sitting on the mantlepiece.
An elaborate fireplace surround, used in the Rowan Atkinson TV comedy series Blackadder, sold for pounds 230, while a more plain-looking mantlepiece from Alf Garnett's livingroom made a more humble pounds 38.
There is always space on the mantlepiece," said the 25-year-old who left the Belfast giants for the Candystripes this summer.
A statement piece for a book case, windowsill or mantlepiece, birdcages can be dressed with artificial birds, quirky ornaments or used as storage.
You can't stick an ecard up on the mantlepiece can you?
But I've got a title winners medal from West Brom and that's on the mantlepiece.
I would also like to purchase small copies of the statue to place on the mantlepiece.