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the positive fractional part of the representation of a logarithm

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In IEEE754 a real number X has to be represented in 32 bits with a sign bit (s) followed by eight exponent bit (E) and twenty three mantissa (m) bits, and is given by,
The CUCA also signed a '2 plus 2' academic collaborative partnership with Mantissa College, Malaysia, whereby students with majors in marketing can complete their bachelor degree at Mantissa, after completion of two years at the CUCA.
n], a binary64 floating-point representation is used as shown in Figure 1 The algorithmic principle is simple and consists at each iteration, to apply a xor operation on the 32 bits of mantissa 1 of the three output elements [X.
In the (m, k) reversible optimized right barrel shifter & GRS-bit Generation, if m is total number of mantissa bits, k is the shift value and E is the number of exponent bits then this circuit will have K+1 rows which the number of required PG gates in each stage equals 2 x [2.
In these days of ubiquitous calculators, getting the mantissa to a dozen decimal places is easy.
His other novels were Daniel Martin (1977), Mantissa (1982) and A Maggot (1985), in addition to a short story collection, poetry and works of non-fiction.
Fowles' other work includes the novels Daniel Martin, Mantissa and A Maggot.
The one on the De anima is followed by a supplement called On the De anima 2 or more frequently On the De anima Mantissa (meaning: supplement or makeweight).
there is no need to generate long mantissa prime numbers.
John Fowles's Mantissa defines its title, and by implication, its whole enterprise, as a mere "addition of comparatively small importance, especially to a literary effort or discourse"(Fowles 182).
The Collector, The French Lieutenant's Woman, Mantissa, The Magus.
Fowles's last two novels, Mantissa (1982) and A Maggot (1986), are each theory-besotted, whatever else one might want to say about them.
One is the mantissa, one is the ampersand, and you get attenuation.