mantis shrimp

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tropical marine burrowing crustaceans with large grasping appendages

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Researchers were in the middle of researching existing mantis shrimp along a stretch of beach near the Bitou fishing port when they inadvertently discovered three varieties of mantis shrimp which had never before been documented in Taiwan, according to Taiwan Animal News.
For one, the mantis shrimp is neither a mantis nor a shrimp, though it is distantly related to the latter.
But recently a team of researchers at the University of Illinois used the inspiration of mantis shrimp eyes to create an endoscopic camera that hunts for cancerous cells.
There was also lobster, but while it was delightful in itself, its pleasures paled beside the novelty that was the mantis shrimp.
Although not as odd as the mantis shrimp, which can punch quicker than a bullet and has the most elaborate courtship dance.
Dr Yakir Gagnon, Professor Justin Marshall and colleagues previously showed that mantis shrimp (Gonodactylaceus falcatus) can reflect and detect circular polarising light, an ability extremely rare in nature.
Mantis Shrimp, the Royal Detective, questions the guests, including Sir Chameleon, Captain Shark, Lancehead Snake, Dragonfly, Colossal Squid and Dr.
And it didn't get much more thrilling elsewhere, especially the bit where he dived down (without the aid of breathing apparatus, obvs) to encounter the mantis shrimp - a fearsome beast capable of a Mike Tyson-style punch with its front claws.
Radcliffe Houser First up, Bear tries free diving in North Wales, plunging 52-feet to hunt mantis shrimp.
While Sir David is regarded as one of Britain's best broadcasters for his informative, softly-spoken approach, Grylls, 41, will be opting for deathdefying stunts, including diving without any breathing equipment to 52 feet in search of mantis shrimp.
The most prevalent by-catch species were pogi (Brevoortia patronus), cutlass fish (Assurger anzac), white trout (Paralichtys albigutta), Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus), croaker (Micropognias undulates), spot (Cynoscion arenarius), and mantis shrimp (Leiostomus xanthurus).
Some unique personal items that are hardly or never available in many other sushi bars are Chef Tom's mantis shrimp and his komochi-ika or small squid laden with fat and eggs brushed with the lightest touch of soy sauce.
I also once caught a mantis shrimp, and that one did get me .
The peacock mantis shrimp, or stomatopod, is a 4- to 6-inch-long rainbow-colored crustacean with a fist-like club that accelerates underwater faster than a 22-calibur bullet.
After billions of years of evolution, some insects, arthropods, and the terrifying mantis shrimp, have ended up with compound eyes.