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predacious long-bodied large-eyed insect of warm regions

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In operations, the Mantis i45 reduces the likelihood of detection by increasing the distance between the Puma AE and areas of interest while still providing the clarity and image quality of a close-range asset.
In their insect 3D cinema, they could show the mantis a movie of prey, apparently hovering in front of the mantis.
In their insect 3D cinema, they could show the mantis a movie of tasty prey, apparently hovering right in front of the mantis.
The experiment revealed that mantis stereopsis "uses a fundamentally different computational algorithm", they said.
Previously, only two kinds of mantis shrimp were thought to be found in Taiwan.
The spearer species of shrimp mantis are older, in evolutionary terms, and have a similar striated internal region in their spears.
Commenting on the appointment of Mantis, he continued: "Mantis has in-depth expertise in managing eco-tourism facilities and boutique hotels.
Mantis shrimps famed for their murderously fast punches readily swing at each other during disagreements.
Staywell Hospitality Group has formed a joint venture with South Africa-based Mantis Collection to grow its hotel brands throughout sub-Saharan Africa.
25 ( ANI ): Researchers have found that the process that mantis shrimp uses to discriminate colours is different.
Global Banking News-May 24, 2013--NXP's Mantis Family Sets New Standard in CAN Transceiver Market(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Keeping the Praying Mantis is both a scientific and a practical guide for the feeding, housing, care and husbandry of these extraordinary invertebrates.
A large mantis enters the restaurant, looks around, comes to a table and sits.
It has been hypothesised that the 'flowerlike' orchid mantis is an aggressive mimic that attracts pollinators as prey items.