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predacious long-bodied large-eyed insect of warm regions

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As the mantis shrimp scans an object, the image moves between different photoreceptors, each of which responds differently, and it is this sequence, rather than comparisons between the photoreceptors, that they use to identify colours.
With the market demanding continued productivity of basic CAN functions, Mantis offers a feature set tailored to fulfill the requirements of mainstream automotive applications.
HAGS Mantis also has effective damping in the end position that gives a soft and smooth finish to the ride.
And for all the violence that's packed into its 6 to 12-inch body, the mantis shrimp's outward appearance is rainbow-like and completely captivating.
Adrian Gardiner, the Founder of Mantis said, “This recognition will take us running into 2013,” says Gardiner.
During subsequent flights, Mantis successfully completed a series of trials demonstrating the capability of the system and the potential of large unmanned systems to support future UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) operational needs.
Mantis has gone from concept to flight in just 19 months and the ministry of defence, BAE Systems and a number of industry parties have worked together to make this happen.
BAE Systems' Mantis is on display here at AUVSI but the programme still awaits its first flight at the Woomera test range in south Australia.
The delicate creature on this month's issue is Sybilla pretiosa, a species of mantis found in southern Africa, also known as the cryptic mantis.
Mantis shrimp see a special type of polarized light (light waves with the same pattern of vibration), whose photons vibrate in such a way that they form a corkscrew-like pattern.
In January, scientists working in Japan discovered something surprising: a praying mantis trapped in amber that they believe dates back 87 million years.
The Mantis Series hydraulic dock levelers feature single pushbutton activation for both the deck and lip that can be conveniently located on one remote, wall-mounted control station complete with an external reset button.
The Regional Environmental Council's Youth Grow program was one of 25 community organizations recognized by the National Gardening Association and Mantis, a national gardening-equipment company.
Mantis Technology's new space is conveniently located on 35th Street, next to transportation hubs Penn Station and the Port Authority.
GEORGINA O'TOOLE smiled and put on a brave face when a praying mantis crawled across her cheek.