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a mythical monster having the head of man (with horns) and the body of a lion and the tail of a scorpion

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The Manticore Arms Transformer is a slim, cleverly designed handguard.
For further information contact: Manticore Arms, Inc.
In the most unfortunate of encounters, you can be fighting a band of orcs when a giant manticore wanders by and joins in the scrap.
Many creatures in the bestiaries are associated with dung and carrion, including the owl, raven, monkey, hoopee, bannacon, and manticore.
8 June 2012 a[euro]" Marketing automation software provider Manticore Technology Inc and B2B sales acceleration firm Sales Engine International announced the merger of their operations in a move designed to create a uniquely competitive offer of technology and managed services.
SaaS marketing automation software provider Manticore Technology and B2B integrated marketing and sales acceleration company Sales Engine International announced on Thursday that an agreement has been executed to merge the organisations.
The manticore he meets in the hospital complains: "They have the power of description and we succumb to the pictures they construct" (Rushdie 1987: 168).
For example, David Weber has written a series of science fiction stories about one honor Harrington of the Star Kingdom of Manticore.
Other highlights include the Chapter 8 discussion of the formation of the band's Manticore record label.
Films production in association with Manticore Films.
Ex ungue leonem, perhaps--but ex eodem ungue vel sphingem vel chimaeram vel manticoram vel grypsem: one might, from a claw, reconstruct a lion, but from the same claw one might equally well reconstruct a sphinx, a chimaera, a manticore, or a griffin--and these possibilities are all provided by our own mythological heritage.
The manticore ground its three rows of teeth in evident frustration.
MAX keeps searching for the woman who helped her escape from Manticore.