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Synonyms for mantic

of or relating to the foretelling of events by or as if by supernatural means

Synonyms for mantic

resembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy

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iJET wants to walk alongside our travel partners to deliver value in the TRM space, this new partnership with Mantic Point is another great example of how we are able to continue to deliver on that commitment.
The narratives found in the more demotic traditions not only affirm this, but throughout the archaic and classical periods privilege the swallow as the prime site of this mantic and hermeneutic uncertainty, making the bird the lynchpin for a variety of misreadings or competing constructions.
In a slightly revised version of his doctoral dissertation at Yale University, Neujahr blends literary and historical methods to look at the use of predicting identifiable historical events (vaticinium ex eventu) as a literary technique in the mantic writing of the ancient Near East, from the earliest evidence in Mesopotamian literature of the late second millennium BCE through the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 CE.
Goodhart in fact holds that "Unless we privilege Teiresias a priori as spokesman for the mythic pattern, we may have no confidence that the knowledge of the practicing mantic is other than professional" (1978, 60).
46) Drugs and other neurotechnologies could make it increasingly feasible for users to shape themselves into the kind of people they want to be by adjusting their personality, emotional character, mental energy, to mantic attachments, and moral character.
When I first saw news of the movie, my mind turned immediately to the book's figure of mantic wit, Anthony Blanche, since m 1981 I spent an afternoon in Florence with the man who inspired the character, Waugh's old Oxford companion Harold (after 1974 Sir Harold) Mario Mitchell Acton, writer, traveler, art-collector, arbiter elegantiae to his generation, and throughout his long life faithful and garrulous friend of many people more significant culturally than himself The story I tell here is derived from extensive notes written out immediately after our conversation.
In the Mantic River Estuary, explosives were used to selectively remove eelgrass in an attempt to improve water circulation (Ludwig, 1977).
Is it 'in' the individual (even if it is not in his or her consciousness but in the bodily drives, in their will to power endowed with a special kind of intentionality--Staten reads Nietzsche alongside Richardson, as a Ro mantic ultimately unable to give up on genius and teleology); or somewhere else?
The service, by Mantic Point mobile travel service provider, is only available for flights departing from London Heathrow and for customers who sign-up through Air New Zealand's website.
Travel companies are cutting back their IT development leaving the way open to mobile software companies, said Mike Atherton, ceo of Mantic Point.
Having noted the tendency for other studies to proceed without offering any definition of prognostics, or to describe them only in terms of cultural status (usually as examples of folklore, or specifically as iatromathematical or medico-magical works), Laszlo Sandor Chardonnens begins his analysis with a general characterization, based on the shared features of the 174 texts in his corpus: prognostics are 'a codified means of predicting events in the life-time of an individual or identifiable group of individuals, using observation of signs and times, or mantic divination' (p.
Pierre Bonnechere dwells on the theme of "the sacred grove (Alos) in the Mantic Rituals of Greece".
Dementia praecox and psychotic inflation rub up against Pythian utterances and mantic inspiration.
Encompassing mantic inspiration and rationality, the daemonic has since Plato served as a conduit between the human and the divine, the material world and the world of forms, eventually being split apart in Judeo-Christian thought into the demonic and the angelic.
The state of consciousness necessary to understand the omens is not exactly mantic.