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extremely large pelagic tropical ray that feeds on plankton and small fishes

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When shooting his works, the photographer aims to move within one or two feet of the subject whenever possible - something he admits can be tricky, given the sensitivity of the fish, whales, manta rays and other subjects.
Motivated to develop a bio-inspired AUV, a research team led by Associate Professor Chew Chee Meng and Associate Professor Yeo Khoon Seng from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at NUS Faculty of Engineering developed MantaDroid, which resembles a juvenile manta ray.
The boomerang-shaped island province, known as the rodeo capital of the Philippines, is at the center of the Philippine archipelago where waters are hospitable for manta rays and sea snakes.
One of the biggest successes for Forsberg was in 2016 when Peru placed its manta rays under protection.
The filmmakers find severed shark fins covering a roof in China and piles of gills cut from manta rays in Indonesia.
Westfield Elementary staff also liked the Freenotes Harmony[TM] Park outdoor instruments and chose the 'Basic Ensemble Package' which includes the Pegasus, a hefty 23-note resonating metalphone, the Yantzee, a 10-low-note resonating metallophone, the Manta Ray (looks like manta ray) a 36 note metalphone, aluminum chime.
Additionally, two more projects have been initiated and Whale Shark and Manta Ray Conservation is one of them.
Conceived in conjunction with The Manta Trust -- the world's leading manta ray charity -- and escorted by its founder and world-renowned manta expert Guy Stevens, the two all-inclusive seven-day expeditions (with the option of shorter three- and four-night cruises within the dates) will immerse participants in every fascinating aspect of the trust's research and conservation efforts.
A Man and His Dogs" is about the relationship between dogs and their wild ancestors, wolves; "Heavy Horsepower" is about working horses all over the world; "Man to Manta" is an up-close and personal tour of the manta ray and their habitat in the Maldives; "The Lemurs of Madagascar" is about human efforts to protect the threatened lemur population on this remote African island; and "A Lion Called Mugie" shows a visit to a Kenyan lion reserve.
First ban on shark, manta ray trade comes into force
CNET noted that the Nexus 10 came by the code "manta" for manta ray.