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It's my opinion, Miss Tomkins,' said the writing and ciphering governess, 'that his manservant keeps him, I think he's a madman, Miss Tomkins, and the other's his keeper.
She set up a manservant, and put him in livery of brown cloth with red pipins, she renewed parts of her furniture, hung new papers on the walls, adorned her salon with plants and flowers, always fresh, and crowded it with knick-knacks that were then in vogue; then she, who had always shown scruples as to her personal expenses, did not hesitate to put her dress in keeping with the rank to which she aspired, the profits of which were discounted in several of the shops where she equipped herself for war.
And the laughs over six centuries have never dated, with the quick-witted banter between Edmund and his grubby manservant Baldrick as fresh and funny now as when it first aired.
ROB ROUSE, right, showed viewers his Bottom playing Shakespeare's manservant in Ben Elton's BBC2 sitcom Upstart Crow.
Jeremy JOHNSON Jeremy, who recently appeared in ITV's The Durrells as Leslie Caron's manservant Dennis, said he was pleased to be back on Teesside, which had "always been recognised as a place that develops and encourages enormously talented people.
Billy Lee was the personal manservant of Washington and traveled with him during the American Revolution.
He is most recognisable for his big-screen role as Inspector Clouseau's manservant in the popular Pink Panther films.
His faithful French manservant Passepartout accompanies him, and the police officer Detective Fix relentlessly pursues them both under the false conviction that Fogg is a bank robber.
The actor is the vocal force behind a handful of "Simpsons" characters -- Homer Simpson's neighbor Flanders, the evil billionaire Burns, Principal Skinner and Burns' obsequious manservant Waylon Smithers.
Comical interludes with manservant Alfrid seem to jar with the darker tone that pervade this chapter, including the loss of at least one hero in the melee.
As well as Palin, actor and comedian Joe Pasquale is returning to the role of King Arthur and actor Todd Carty returns as King Arthur's faithful manservant Patsy.
Charged with retrieving a stolen Goya masterpiece, Charlie and his manservant Jock Strapp (Paul Bettany) pursue the painting across the globe while attempting to stay one step ahead of MI5's Alistair Maitland (Ewan McGregor) and various baddies.
The Granthams are invited to a shoot in Northumberland, so manservant Thomas and Sir Robert (Rob James-Collier and Hugh Bonneville, right) pack their guns.
Into this run-down piazza come Antipholus of Syracuse and his manservant, Dromio of Syracuse, baffling those familiar with the strangers' resident lookalikes, Antipholus and Dromio of Ephesus.
That's "Mojo," the 1995 debut play by Jez Butterworth ("Jerusalem") now revived with a headline-grabbing cast including Brendan Coyle (stoic manservant Bates from "Downton Abbey,") and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley from "Harry Potter").