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a pressure gauge for comparing pressures of a gas

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Surgical versus chemical (botulinum toxin) sphincterotomy for chronic anal fissure: long-term results of a prospective randomized clinical and manometric study.
When patients have a poor defecation urge, a manometric rectal balloon is inserted into the rectum and filled with progressively smaller amounts of air to help patients develop a stronger urge so they are less likely to delay defecation (Lacima, Pera, Amador, Escaramis, & Pique, 2010).
For OC, the amount of carbonate, analysed by the modified Van Slyke manometric method (Nelson 1982), was subtracted from total C.
In the current study, the Wexner score and manometric parameters were improved in almost all the groups (except for anal maximum squeezing pressure and mean pressure in Group II) after the surgery.
High amplitude contractions in the middle third of the oesophagus: a manometric marker of chronic alcoholism?
This explains the increase of the power and manometric height.
Kim, "Anorectal manometric dysfunctions in newly diagnosed, early-stage parkinson's disease," Journal of Clinical Neurology, vol.
Recent manometric studies show that spasm of internal sphincter is present even before surgery in patients with hemorrhoids.
Isosorbide dinitrate and nifedipine treatment of achalasia: a clinical, manometric and radionuclide evaluation.
To verify the reliability of empirical constants and predicted data, the pressure drops across the real retort were measured by the manometric apparatus set up on the retort.
This study reinforces that LES pressures (LES Competence) should be taken into account while reporting manometric findings in cases of GERD.
The opening was less than 3 mm and it was not possible to pass the scope beyond the stiff LES; hence, manometric studies were not done.
Gastroparesis is represented by an array of neuropathic manometric changes including hypomotility in the gastric antrum after intake of meals and increased frequency of burst activity in the duodenum with impaired inter-digestive motility.