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a pressure gauge for comparing pressures of a gas

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The purpose of this article is to review the spectrum of clinical, radiographic, and manometric findings in patients with achalasia (including primary and secondary achalasia) and DES and to discuss the relative roles of barium studies and manometry in diagnosing these esophageal motility disorders.
Manometric rhinometry: A new method of measuring nasal volume.
Section 12 orders Manometric system proctological ambulance - MPI module modules with pressure transducers for the 24-channel system (estimated value 35 000 EUR);
Soil microbial respiration rates (basal respiration) were measured using manometric respirometers (Oxitop[R], WTW), which allow determination of sample oxygen consumption.
In that series, the stratification of patients was based on clinical symptoms, endoscopic findings, vide-oesophagram results to detect caliber changes, pH monitoring, and manometric studies.
Martin AE, Reeve R (1955) A rapid manometric method for determination of soil carbonate.
in the films was investigated by means of a closed-volume manometric apparatus, especially designed to characterize ultra barrier films (Fig.
7mm Nozzle Width Each Manometric reading at nozzle exit = 50mm, Hence, [h.
Endoscopic retrograde Mild pancreatitis occurs in 3 to 5% of cholangiopancreatography all FRCP patients and in up to 25% of (FRCP) patients undergoing sphincter of Oddi manometric studies; ~ 1% of patients develop severe course of pancreatitis.
T-DOC(R) has simplified the cumbersome setup of performing manometric measurements such as Urodynamics.
PBI-Dansensor has introduced a manometric gas permeability tester, the L1005000, which measures the permeability of almost any common gas or gas mixture through films and foils.
Meanwhile, the methodology for measuring oxygen saturation in the clinical laboratory had progressed through the development of numerous (spectro)photometric methods, using Van Slyke's manometric procedure as the reference method.
The pressure values vary depending on the width of the manometric catheter (figure, B).
In one study, 120 patients obtained equal improvements in symptom severity and quality of life when they tested three different methods of biofeedback: digital squeeze exercises, manometric biofeedback, and real-time ultrasound (Dis.
Bassotti G, Chairioni C, Vantini I, et al: Anorectal manometric abnormalities and colonic propulsive impairment in patients with severe chronic idiopathic constipation.