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a pressure gauge for comparing pressures of a gas

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As the pressure rose the pulse waves were obstructed and the pulsation of the manometer ceased.
Heinrich von Recklinghausen, the German physiologist, popularised the anaeroid manometer for blood pressure measurement.
The inside pocket pressure is measured with manometers 1M1 and 2M1.
To measure the amount of leakage in a home a tool called a blower door, which is comprised of a calibrated fan, a mounting system to attach the fan to an exterior door, and a manometer which measures pressure is used.
For this reason, pneumatic enema pressure is measured via manometer and kept at or below 120 mmHg to avoid perforation.
The setup of a simple manometer system is shown in the Supplementary Materials, Fig.
There was a mercury manometer to measure the air pressure, the ability to add oxygen to the air and a foot pump as a safety mechanism ".
The camera comes loaded with a built-in manometer (pressure sensor) and GPS.
Mr Taylor said: "The concept of pressure was explored using a blowpipe, a giant manometer and the vacuum bazooka.
Brooks Instrument will unveil its new XacTorr CMX0 capacitance manometer, as well as the new EtherCAT capabilities of its GF40/80 mass flow controller at Intersolar North America, July 10-12 in San Francisco.
9,13) Best practice recommendations include initial cuff inflation using MLT followed by direct CPM using an aneroid manometer.
on each side of the nozzle board, with both sides connected to a single manometer to measure differential pressure.
At the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Frankfurt, Germany, a manometer was inserted into the abdominal cavity through the umbilicus in one hundred corpses.
The gas pressure scale which existed prior to 2008 used secondary standard piston gauges traceable to a mercury manometer known at NIST as the Gas Thermometer Manometer (GTM) (4).