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a pressure gauge for comparing pressures of a gas

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An aneroid manometer (American Diagnostic Corporation [R] E-Sphyg2 [TM], Hauppauge, NY) was used as the control modality for this study.
The Brooks XacTorr CMX family of capacitance manometers provides solar and semiconductor manufacturers with highly stable and repeatable measurements for pressure sensitive processes.
The actual intracuff pressure was then measured using a handheld manometer and the readings were recorded.
A 16G needle is inserted into this culture port and connected to a manometer or pressure transducer.
It features and integral gray, ribbed, latex-free inflation bulb with dust filter and a durable aluminum manometer with a large, easy-to-read 65-mm dial.
Model HHP91 is a precision manometer for automotive, HVAC, laboratories, and general industrial applications.
Membrane condition monitoring, which is standard, can be performed in a number of ways including a hose clip and manometer, remote monitoring using a contact manometer or a pressure switch with Eexi protection.
The desktop manometer is provided in a kit complete with hardware and software to simulate and display an instrument grade manometer.
NYSE:VAS), recently received FDA clearance to market the PULMANEX(R) Disposable Airway Pressure Manometer for neonates and infants.
This manometer measures absolute, gauge or vacuum pressure and features an isolated 316ss sensor that allows it to be used with liquids and corrosives.
The blower door, duct blaster, manometer, and infrared camera are the backbone of the rating system.
ECOM America has introduced the NetLogg digital manometer designed for simple measurements and data-logging of pressure, temperature, air speed and humidity.