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Synonyms for manoeuvrability

the quality of being maneuverable

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The multi-directional steering system enables it to travel sideways when carrying long loads or forwards like a conventional counterbalance truck, and it can also rotate on the spot to maximise manoeuvrability and minimise turning space.
STABILITY in work, great manoeuvrability, and wide scope for adjustment of cutting and conditioning units should make Kuhn's latest trailed mower conditioner ideally suited to the UK's more demanding terrain.
5 to 5 tonnes and these trucks give high performance, manoeuvrability and precise handling.
They provide a 360(degree) view from the bridge together with an extra large cargo intake and adjustable propellers for greater manoeuvrability when sailing through ice.
The Damen ART (Advanced Rotor Tug) 80-32 tug will have the manoeuvrability, power (80 Tonnes Bollard Pull) and towing flexibility needed to support the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers.
The coin is split into four and features a wheel for manoeuvrability, a target for accuracy, a stopwatch for speed and the face of Big Ben to represent London and time.