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Synonyms for mannikin

a person who is very small but who is not otherwise deformed or abnormal

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a woman who wears clothes to display fashions

a life-size dummy used to display clothes

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In the face of increasing demands on newly graduating nurses and doctors, medical educators are turning to new life-like mannikins that simulate human trauma symptoms to improve the practical skills of new graduates.
Diet and breeding seasonality of the Bronze Mannikin Lonchura cucullata (Swainson) and the Blue-billed Mannikin Lonchura bicolor (Frazer) in Western Sierra-Leone.
Laura Ford's The Great Indoors exhibition,combined with her Headthinkers mannikin,has filled the gallery hall with weird and wonderful lifelike sculptures.
The designation bamboccianti, or scenes of often sordid low life (always acceptable to the broad humour of Dutch burghers) derives from the favoured subjects of Pieter Laer, a hunchback given the title of Bamboccio, or mannikin.
1961), A 2-D mannikin - The inside story: X-rays used to determine a new standard for a basic design tool (SAE Tech.
Videotapes, booklets, observation, and mannikin demonstrations are among the materials available for patient education.
Still other supernatural assistance takes inanimate form (Spindle, Shuttle and Needle; Mannikin Spanalong; and Old Verlooka) .
70 This is the white-headed mannikin, Lonchura pallida, according to J.
Often, I had minerals from my own collection photographed: a certain polished variscite, a mannikin of copper crystals, and a pair of animals in red almandite garnet, my little seated red bear and my open-jawed hippopotamus.
To simulate a more realistic environment encountered in the acute care setting, nurse researchers applied measured amounts of a diluted egg white solution (representing tracheostomy secretions) to the tracheostomy tube ties on the mannikin.
I've fumbled right to the bottom of my sack for the wee laddie lost in Europe for a life-size copy of the Brussels Mannikin - the little boy peeing - to grace a corner in Mandy's office.
There's a full-sized mannikin of Indiana Jones in her back garden, which, she says: "Scares the s**t out of anyone who sees it.
He told the Sunday Mercury: "Lobster pots, bed frames, sheep feeders, wheeled plinths for bizarre mannikins of old ladies, we've seen them all.
Voodoo also makes architectural models, custom clothing mannikins, and movie sets--miniature scale models that are later hand painted and overlaid with computer-generated imagery (CGI).