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Even in the most popular restaurants the crowds are mannerly, and negotiations on pedestrian walkways are, by and large, benevolent.
Harry and Catherine serve as the standard bearers of a mannerly and Manichaean age: a poster couple invented to persuade 21st-century readers of the way things once were and, presumably, still ought to be, reanimating a bygone era when men were men, women were ladies, wars were against Nazis, and even cowboys and their partners danced cheek to cheek.
He was sweet, respectful and mannerly to a fault," she said.
Soft-spoken and mannerly, he was the lead prosecutor in the historic impeachment proceedings against former Governor Rod Blagojevich.
Throughout he continued to be a mannerly, soft as clarts stallion.
Nevertheless, for O'Connell, Hussein was the patient, mannerly, controlled "adult" in the region--and constantly disrespected, overlooked, and even betrayed regardless of how effectively/persistently he presented arguments and logic for Jordanian interests.
First, keqi delineates that communication between an individual self and others should be construed in a thoughtful, mannerly, pleasant, and civil fashion (Gao & Ting-Toomey, 1998).
The leader of PML(N) Mian Nawaz Sharif has severely condemned the killing and said that the such incidents are the stigma on the face of mannerly society.
It is mannerly and produces cerise, fragrant flowers.
A person may be ignorant of the forms, yet far more virtuous than somebody merely mannerly.
And as Opposition leader he refused to scrum in the hallway outside the House of Commons--a Canadian journalistic tradition--preferring instead to hold very mannerly press conferences, which the press corps mightily chafed at.
An eager young candidate who is articulate, tidy, clean, socially acceptable, interested, enthusiastic and mannerly should be awarded a degree for these things alone.
Middle-class mannerly, soft-spoken, never shouting, nonviolent, sitting down to civilized din-dins.
The preacher's daughter, always simply but well dressed and mannerly.