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Mary knew, from Charles's manner of speaking, that he was quite determined on going, and that it would be of no use to teaze him.
I knowed the man by sight as well as I know my own brother, in a manner of speaking.
Meningitis may not be as common as other infections but it should always be "at the back of your mind," in a manner of speaking.
LOSE EXCITEMENTSince then, however, only in a manner of speaking, do we call "news" any matatu tragedy in Tanzania, Uganda and especially Kenya.
In a manner of speaking, intermittent fasting may escape classification as a diet, as it does not prescribe a specific set of food, nor does it count calories like traditional diets or programs.
All the efforts aimed at defending the language one speaks are, in a manner of speaking, tantamount to securing the national ideology.
This largely regressive imposition was practically rammed down the people's throats while a number of legislators were fiddling while the country was burning - in a manner of speaking - as they were reportedly already partying the night away in a nearby posh hotel,' he added.
Breakfast restaurants: the extensive technique for contributing vitality with the family or getting a charge out of a free day, appropriate around a relaxation action in a manner of speaking.
And here's another fascinating observation from the Rio Olympics: When interviewed, the successful rowers were erudite and loquacious, indeed, their manner of speaking suggested a focused, perhaps even a favoured, upbringing.
Regarding his meeting with President al-Assad, Poisson said that the meeting lasted for around 80 minutes, and that it went very well, describing President al-Assad as being courteous, smiling, and modern in his manner of speaking, and that he is devoting his energy to defending his country, noting that what he saw in reality was completely unlike the image that media outlets attempts to draw of President al-Assad.
Not literally, you understand, but in a manner of speaking.
While we acknowledged concerns about tensions over any number of matters and our grief over impaired relations between some churches, we noted the blessings of indaba--that manner of speaking and listening and learning from one another with far less rancour and much more patience.
However, the man continued his impudent manner of speaking and upset the worshippers, until some security officers led him out of the mosque," the daily quoted Al-Shulail as saying.
When some of our, in a manner of speaking, partners, or neighbors, test Russia's durability for sanctions and different types of threats, it is very important not to be tempted by simple solutions and to continue preserving and develop democratic processes in our society and in our state," the prime minister said.
One might add that in a manner of speaking, Meryl also portrayed Carrie Fisher in "Postcards from the Edge,'' which also offered Shirley MacLaine up as Debbie Reynolds.