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Synonyms for mannequin



Synonyms for mannequin

a woman who wears clothes to display fashions

a life-size dummy used to display clothes

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The Army bought these mannequins for the medical simulation training centers, and they're all male-form," she added.
There are also child mannequins for modeling children's clothes.
The Euveka mannequin targets professionals in fashion industry from haute couture to mass market, sports, health and also security or cinema.
The train is designed with a winter theme that includes simulated ice with a crack down the middle and a particularly nefarious-looking Santa Claus mannequin.
They then evaluated clothing such as bikinis and dresses on the mannequins.
The Mannequin Challenge is a viral trend which sees people freeze in action for a period of time (like mannequins) while someone films it.
In Lutfi's mixed media cityscapes topsy-turvy skyscrapers are juxtaposed with traditional houses, historical monuments, shops and restaurants, and they are inhabited by ordinary people, masked superheroes, mannequins and real and mythological animals.
Among the items local Freecycle posters are looking for are mannequins and fountain pens
The creative duo behind Wear No Dummies have been approached by a US distributor and prestigious department store Liberty London have also shown an interest in the mannequins.
The secret revealed by the museum's new show is the role of the mannequin in the artist's studio and imagination, from the Renaissance to the present day.
They often forget that mannequin is lifeless and hence not judged by people and that a mannequin also has a perfect body and so even if it is judged, the verdict will always be pleasant.
A shockingly thin Topshop mannequin sparked outrage for promoting unrealistic body image in high street shops.
However, the past two years have seen i-bodi working with DSTL again to develop its most advanced animatronic mannequin to date.
The American Apparel store located on Manhattan's Lower East Side has dressed three mannequins in its window in sheer lace and mesh lingerie, and added dark brown merkins to each of the mannequin's genital areas beneath the underwear.