manna from heaven

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(Old Testament) food that God gave the Israelites during the Exodus

a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)

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ALMOST as if it were the Met department managing to forecast the fall of manna from heaven, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Rajeev Shukla on Thursday offered the suggestion that we may soon get a few words out of our Prime Minister on the now- familiar subject of corruption having taken place on his watch.
Whether buttered, fried, bornt or with jam, Ivverything is it's companion even boiled ham, In buns, rolls, stottie cyek, baps, or hard bake, It's a basic necessity, broon or white, any make, It's a manna from heaven, according to owld moses, Eaten in ivvery hoosehold, and at work aa supposes, Bakers are at it, night and day toiling at the oven, Trays and trays of it, aal in bakers dozens, Bread and wine is synonymous with our blood and life, Meaningful in religion, a real filler to the wife, For if there's nowt to eat, and the tummy rumbles, A slice or two of bread resolves the grumbles, However you take it, you know your'e well fed, It's the ever asked question, 'Mam is there any bread?
Manna from heaven for Syria's uni students abroad The Saudi Arabian Cultural Missions (SACM) to fund Syrian students to study abroad.
McCabe said: "This is manna from heaven for the SNP because their independence argument was failing miserably.
Terra Rossa's Manna from Heaven which won Gold in the 2012 Great Taste Awards is made from the resin of trees that grow only in the north of Iraq, combined with almonds pistachio nuts and cardamom.
SDN might just be the manna from heaven for those who requite network adaptability and scale with reduced cost and vendor independence.
His latest outburst, advocating strikes during the Olympics, must be manna from heaven to them.
His latest outburst, advocating civil disorder during the Olympics, must be manna from heaven to them.
T must have seemed like manna from heaven for Rob ISloane.
So, Mr Dickenson, because a very prominent Churchman failed to explain, to your satisfaction, our belief in the Holy Spirit, you seize the opportunity to claim that God does not exist and that miracles such as the Jews being fed manna from heaven and the feeding of the 5,000 are fairytales.
Cov won their first game of the season last weekend, an exciting 45-32, seven-try victory over Stourbridge with a performance that was manna from heaven for their thrill-starved supporters.
Pre-1997, this country was a mess under Tory rule with New Labour's blue-eyed new boy wonder Tony Blair waiting in the wings, promising manna from heaven for all.
It was all manna from heaven for Sky, who have also struckluckywiththe antagonism between Europe's Faldo and American skipper Paul Azinger.
And the three points were like manna from heaven for Laws, who has been walking a managerial tightrope.
in his letter to the editor (NCR, July 6) suggests the wealth produced by capitalism is like manna from heaven that falls on the palace and the hut equally.