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Synonyms for manmade

made by human beings instead of nature

made to imitate something else

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You should be able to create an app that suits your own company, which is professional and sleek in design, and where even the web app looks and works like a 'real' app," Says Claes Gustavsson the owner of Manmade, who has created the whole concept.
The goal of Islamic Shariah and its effort to achieve justice is loftier and comprehensive than all manmade laws, even if some manmade laws such as the Roman law are older than the Shariah," Al-Saqih said.
it significantly reduces our overall exposure to the textile industry and allows us to focus on the less cyclical, higher margin manmade fibers business, which will deliver sustainable benefit to our shareholders, customers and employees.
But the debate about manmade global warming has turned into a one-sided, emotionallybased excuse for raising taxes.
I researched the Oregon Petition, drawn up by scientists who reject the manmade global warming myth, and looked, at random, at one of the scientists who signed that petition.
has created a common system, structure, and foundation that will do the same for every other manmade system across the globe," says Jamie C.
The scientific coordinator for the Chouf nature reserve, Nizar Hani, stressed that the establishment of manmade lakes was an integral part of a larger plan aimed at firefighting and the preservation of biological and natural diversity in the region.
Other iconic developments include The World, consisting of 300 manmade islands, positioned strategically to replicate the shape of the world map.
Playing with form/time, his work traces time lines in nature, shaping growth, movement and changing form with subtle manmade imprints.
If you think about these persistent, hardy, vital containers of life, wouldn't you choose to emulate a life like theirs, rather than the life of the fragile grass needing manmade chemicals and constant care?
Russia marked the 41st anniversary Sunday of the launch of the Sputnik satellite - the first manmade object sent into Earth's orbit.
Johnson added that Customs also will closely monitor the following imports from Macau to insure they were not transshipped: category 229, cotton and manmade fiber special-purpose fabrics; 239, cotton and manmade fiber babies' garments; 350, cotton robes and dressing gowns; 359, a "basket" of various cotton apparel including coveralls and vests; 638/639, men's and women's manmade fiber knit shirts; 641, manmade fiber women's non-knit shirts and blouses; 840, non-knit silk/ ramie blend shirts and blouses, and 352/652, cotton and manmade fiber underwear.
In a world where doomsayers make bestsellers out of predictions of manmade horror that always proved untrue, this was a courageous and lonely stance.
If you only rent the facilities and are not providing a program, you will still be held responsible for the existence of natural and manmade hazards on the premises.
Brussels-based CIRFS, the association representing the European manmade fibers industry, announced the appointment of Omer Sabanci as president.