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Other apologists for the "don't-tell-like-it-is" line maintain that labeling China as a currency manipulator would incite the U.
The Multi-patch FN1's advanced technology allows users to change the FOV without moving the objective, synchronizes the movement of the microscope view and the manipulators in X, Y and Z dimensions, and provides easy needle setup, exchange and positioning.
After years of research, a new generation pipe manipulator to improve safety and cut costs may be nearing fruition.
The inflatable manipulator arms will be designed as a payload for AUVs.
And having two powerful Schilling manipulators to hand is a combination that stands out from everything else," he adds.
State how you feel when the manipulator makes demands on you or puts you down.
A newly developed manipulator arm will enable precise placement of the science instruments on rocks.
Static and dynamic modelling of a two-flexible-link robot manipulator.
Each experiment runs 1000 episodes on the manipulator.
In the second experimental setup the disturbing force is applied to the manipulator responding to a step function after 3 s.
Therefore, at each discrete position of the trajectory, angle [phi] can be used in order to improve the stiffness of the manipulator, that is, in order to reach a partial inverse singularity.
On Thursday night all these elements were provided in order to conclude beyond doubts that A1 had the role of a manipulator, which tried to cause the fall of the Government by the Romanian scenario and which could push the people into an inter-party or inter-ethnic conflict from which we would have been dragged out by international facilitators and protectors.
The Tentacle Manipulator comes out of collaborative research into snake robots at Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, which has produced snaky bots that can crawl up tubes by moving inside or around them.
Both of those vehicles use manipulator arms to collect samples and conduct experiments on the seafloor.