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easily managed (controlled or taught or molded)

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El resultado del teorema de Gibbard (1973) y Satterthwaite (1975) incorpora el comportamiento estrategico de los agentes y concluye asimismo que la unica regla no manipulable (3) es dictatorial.
In doing so, he reveals a twentieth century construction of emotions as discrete, manipulable, and divorced from any social or cultural context.
More recently they developed their own platform, a web-based user station that provides access to all of the information along with manipulable graphs, for an annual subscription fee and a two year contract.
The precision of that definition, as well as its content, makes Devo max entirely different from the third option of merely 'enhanced devolution', which really does sound vague, manipulable Humpty Dumpty-speak, and hardly surprisingly is unacceptable to the SNP.
But in contrast to Walther's manipulable sculptures, Teepe's say, Look but don't touch.
Nikhil Agarwal, Yale University, and Paulo Somaini, MIT and NBER, "Identification and Estimation in Manipulable Assignment Mechanisms"
beaucoup moins que]Ces proportions alarmantes temoignent du malaise profond existant au sein de la societe, faisant de l'enfant une proie facile, manipulable et exploitable a souhait[beaucoup plus grand que], lit-on dans ledit communique.
Nuestros colegas y companeros, los profesores Alberto Garcia Garcia y Juan Garcia Crego, de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Informacion de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, abordan lo que ellos denominan el "producto virtualizado", para referirse al hecho de que todo producto publicitario debe configurarse tanto para los medios convencionales como para los no convencionales, de tal forma que sea manipulable, moldeable e intercambiable gracias a la postproduccion.
These fantastic new charges only further support our previous public position that the trial evidence will show that Adel Daoud is an immature, impressionable and manipulable teenager -- not the international terrorist the government seems hell-bent on trying to paint,'' Durkin said.
He warned against Christians being reduced as a result into an insignificant manipulable minority sect.
I mean that for those who have psychologically assimilated this technology, it has become so taken for granted, so comprehensible and manipulable, such a part of their life, that it has become mundane.
This approach assumes that ethnicity is somewhat manipulable, but not so freely.
Words are not manipulable objects or moveable cubes to be piled upon one another, they are trajectories, exhalations, crossings of appearances, they are directives, fields of absence, caverns, theaters of reversal; they contradict, they whisper.
lt;br /> "I think it's because the VIX isn't necessarily a true barometer of fear anymore -- it's a tradeable and manipulable instrument," she said.
El poder social se alia con las pasiones del alma para impedir que se forme una personalidad responsable y libre, para crear una masa libremente manipulable por quien tiene el poder.