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Additional requirements in a number of states regarding the use of the new Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest.
Whether that conception and the reasons it generates will outlast the manifest image remains to be seen.
cargo, requiring electronic filing of detailed cargo manifests 24 hours in advance of ship loading at international ports bound for the United States.
Personality and psychological disorders often manifest during the criminal act and provide investigators with valuable clues to the identity of the perpetrator.
Still, Manifest A serves as a useful reminder of how far we've come and the challenges that remain.
Since creativity is present and manifest throughout the cosmos, as well as in all human cultural and religious traditions, this understanding of God should directly undercut the arrogant stance of much traditional Christianity toward other religious and secular communities, and vis-[grave{a}]-vis the rest of the natural order.
Shaped by latitude, culture and place, the capacity of light to make manifest built form and move the human spirit has been a richly poetic element of architecture since the earliest times.
But Klezmer music is a crucial symbol in Brian Silberman's Manifest, which seeks to debunk the myth that Jews allowed themselves to be passively led to slaughter.
If anxiety is a general feature of the human condition it is important to consider under what conditions anxieties manifest themselves in overt social action.
But with the first of two automated shipping manifest systems installed, Intuit has been able to ship 3,000 packages per hour.
Vizenor would surely smile at the irony of reviewing a postmodern text; nevertheless, I offer several ways to frame his Manifest Manners: Postindian Warriors of Survivance, a challenging work which continues his critical project of developing postmodern Native American discourse.
Contrary to the general presentation of the Arabs in the literature (popular and otherwise), we assumed that what the Arabs think and feel about what happened is politically significant, even if that significance is not manifest in the short term.
This manifest, we think, more accurately reflects the realities of flying space shuttles," says Brian D.