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Words related to manicure

professional care for the hands and fingernails

trim carefully and neatly

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care for (one's hand) by cutting and shaping the nails, etc

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Both these men were considered excellent swordsmen, but when Beauchamp heard again the little gray man's "a mort, mon fils," he shuddered, and the little hairs at the nape of his neck rose up, and his spine froze, for he knew that he had heard the sentence of death passed upon him; for no mortal had yet lived who could vanquish such a swordsman as he who now faced him.
They are thy enemies, my son, and to thee belongs the pleasure of revenge; a mort, mon fils.
No base coat, no top coat - they can feel too manicured - just one coat of MAC Delicate Nail Lacquer to look groomed," she suggests.
Global color ambassador Madeline Poole added a natural light-infused shimmer to the runway, boasting a semi-trans parent nude, manicured nail with a pearly silver dimension.
London, January 19 ( ANI ): Thanks to an American entrepreneur, the iPhone manicure is on its way that will prevent freshly manicured nails from chipping caused by tapping away on your smartphone.
com) that includes all you need to achieve a classic, manicured look.
I also work as a representative for Jessica nails for the north and have worked at London Fashion Week and the Clothes Show Live and manicured the nails of beauty editors, catwalk models and celebrities.
CND Shellac allows you to immediately return to your day, safe in the knowledge you have beautifully manicured nails that will last an amazing 14 days.
From here they have created a neat and manicured garden that is full of colour.
A fashionable but regular guy, he liked to take care of himself, get his nails manicured, a nice haircut -- nothing too fancy.
Having well-cared-for hands and beautifully manicured nails will make any woman feel more feminine, and gives them more confidence.