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Words related to manicure

professional care for the hands and fingernails

trim carefully and neatly

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care for (one's hand) by cutting and shaping the nails, etc

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I also work as a representative for Jessica nails for the north and have worked at London Fashion Week and the Clothes Show Live and manicured the nails of beauty editors, catwalk models and celebrities.
CND Shellac allows you to immediately return to your day, safe in the knowledge you have beautifully manicured nails that will last an amazing 14 days.
From here they have created a neat and manicured garden that is full of colour.
A fashionable but regular guy, he liked to take care of himself, get his nails manicured, a nice haircut -- nothing too fancy.
And to draw even more attention to his manicured mitts, he used a pimp-tastic crystal-encrusted microphone, topped with a sparkly cannabis leaf.
Having well-cared-for hands and beautifully manicured nails will make any woman feel more feminine, and gives them more confidence.
Nothing tops off a super-glam look better than manicured, groomed-to-perfection nails.