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an engine that provided medieval artillery used during sieges

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The trainer enjoyed a 13-1 handicap hurdle double with Mangonel (SP of 5-2) and King Of Castile (3-1), who were both partnered by Tom Scudamore, at Folkestone ten days ago and he's looking to repeat the feat by turning the pair out quickly under penalties this afternoon.
Interestingly, Best is using two excellent claimers - Brendan Powell for Mangonel (1.
Barbican, buttery, gardenrobe, loop, mangonel, mews, oubliette, palisade, rampart and ward.
JIM BEST'S decision to move on his Flat horses to concentrate on jumpers is paying handsome dividends, and a hurdles double with Mangonel and King Of Castile gave the Lewes-based trainer a great start to 2012.
Best remember the name Punters must look for a Jim Best-trained runner in next year's conditional riders' novice handicap hurdle after the stable won the race for a fourth time with Mangonel, who made light of a penalty.
Mangonel proves best option Jim Best is to stick to what he knows best this winter and Mangonel set the wheels in motion in no uncertain terms when running out a 36-length winner of the selling hurdle.
Another horse headed for a change of scenery was fifth-placed Mangonel, who was claimed by Jim Best for pounds 6,000.
In contrast to the book, in which bloodletting plays a diminished role and the Telmarines are routed fairly quickly, the latter third of the film is little more than nonstop swordplay, clanking mangonels, and clashing battle lines--in a word, the Battle of the Pelennor Fields in Tolkien's masterpiece, but without the ringwraiths or the gravitas.
However, 'all kinds of ballistas', siege engines mounted in boats, siege towers and battering rams were used in Sasanian sieges of Nisibis between 337/38 and 350 (Dodgeon & Lieu 1991: 164-70,190,193-207) and 20 captured 'Persian' mangonels were used by Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas' Arab army while besieging Veh Ardashir/Coche in 637.
Behind the vermilion ship came the rest of the fleet, 480 warships in all: superbly-constructed vessels from the shipworks of Venice, full of tens of thousands of well-armed men and provisioned with horses, foodstuffs, and vast stockpiles of weapons, including fearsome siege engines like mangonels and petraries.