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large evergreen tropical tree cultivated for its large oval fruit

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They had hanged themselves on mango tree beside their house,' Tum said.
They had hanged themselves from a mango tree next to where they lived," said Mr Tum.
operated 11 restaurants carrying its four self-owned brands Sushi Ta-ke, An Nam, Modern Shanghai, Hokkaidon and three franchised or sub-licensed brands including Mango Tree, Gonapchi and Paper Moon.
Mango tree plays a sacred role in India - it's a symbol of love and some people even believe that this tree can grant wishes.
The Chi Kitchen concept was the brainchild of Eddie Lim, owner of Mango Tree, the acclaimed Thai restaurant in London's Belgravia.
The Mango Tree, on Cleveland Street, Redcar, will feature a mix of English and Caribbean cuisine when it opens on November 1.
Studies aimed to identify growth regulators that are not only efficient for the management of mango tree flowering and production but also applicable to leaves, minimizing residues in the soil and avoiding the use of inadequate quantities over the years, considered as priorities for mango crop (MOUCO et al.
Nasr bin Hamoud al-Kindi, Secretary General of Royal Court Affairs (RCA) said that the mango tree has a great value in the Omani history.
Muscat: To protect the fruit from extinction, the Mango Tree Encyclopedia was launched on Thursday under the auspices of Nasr bin Hamoud Al Kindi, Secretary General of Royal Court Affairs in the oases club in Athaiba.
Mango Tree Worldwide is planning a new flagship Thai restaurant in the Middle East with new partners following the conclusion of an agreement with its existing franchise partner.
Reported casualties are: 75-year-old Mauro Nuerong from barangay Pamoano, Mangatarem, who died when a santol tree toppled by strong winds crashed down his house; 80-year-old Reigna Sabangan of barangay Bongato, Bayambang, who slipped off the floor in her house and was declared dead-on-arrival at the Bayambang District Hospital due to acute head injury; and 1-year-old Jan Kerby Capena of barangay Ilog Malino, Bolinao, who died when Mango tree fell on their house.
The Mango Tree restaurant, situated on the High Street of Stoke Golding, bagged the gong for Best West Midlands Takeaway, beating off stiff competition from Birmingham and Coventry establishments.
An accurate estimate of mango tree water requirements in the KSA has not been established, but the Ministry of Agriculture and Water has made some rough estimations (Al-Zeid et al.
This irregular practices has begotten offsprings of financial malpractices so much so that a mango tree was purchased at the cost of Rs 160000 in Rahim Yar Khan.
I try looking in old books to see what a mango tree looks like, to see if they look anything like what I remember.