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Synonyms for mangled

having edges that are jagged from injury

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The man whipped his animals, which cleared a way through the crowd; but on arriving on the Quai they were obliged to stop; the carriage was upset, the horses carried off, stifled, mangled by the crowd.
The Indians set up a yell, on discovering her, and before the trappers could interfere, her mangled body fell upon the corpse which she had refused to abandon.
Well, we wroted a Nursery-Song, and the Professor mangled it longer for us.
Would you have men eat while the bodies of those whom Hector son of Priam slew are still lying mangled upon the plain?
He looked for a moment at the black depths behind the ceiling-cloth, at the carcass of the mangled snake under foot, and last, a grey glaze setting on his face, at the thing under the table-cloth.
He thrust out his mangled fore-foot, all dark with dried blood.
It lay there prostrate, handless, without its head, pathetic, like the mangled victim of a crime.
We rushed out en masse to bring in the mangled remains of the victim, but had the happiness to meet him upon the staircase, coming up in an unaccountable hurry, brimful of the most ardent philosophy, and more than ever impressed with the necessity of prosecuting our experiment with vigor and with zeal.
With much labour we separated them and carried him, living but horribly mangled, into the house.
We stood with bitter hearts on either side of the mangled body, overwhelmed by this sudden and irrevocable disaster which had brought all our long and weary labours to so piteous an end.
Their method was to fall forward with their full weight upon each in turn, leaving him crushed and mangled, to bound on after the others.
I be not mangled, and I be not bleeding, and I have two hands to feed and clothe me.
He had wrung my hand already, but at this he fairly mangled it in his.
The beasts tore the victims limb from limb and made poor mangled corpses of them in the twinkling of an eye.
Umbopa stood contemplating the huge dead elephant and the mangled remains of poor Khiva.