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Synonyms for mangel-wurzel

beet with a large yellowish root

cultivated as feed for livestock

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huddersfieldexaminer What were the most read stories on our facebook page last week 1) He's one of Huddersfield's best known people but Jake Mangel Wurzel could be in line for a TV show
Dave Harper, 43, a production engineer at Mangel in Kinmel Bay, is designing the mould for the 200 telephone kiosks.
He tried desperately to make himself distinct from the wacky bushman he played, the son of nosey Nel and unseen Len Mangel and dad of Skye and Tobey.
I can understand why he was tempted to return to Mangel to reunite us with Hoppers pub doorman Royston.
Melanie Mangel was at the heart of Ramsay Street during the height of Neighbours' hold on the British viewing public.
I planted the mangel seeds like they were common garden beets in deeply tilled, loose soil about three weeks before our final frost date in the spring.
Mangel boasts over 25 years of experience in residential sales and 15 years devoted to stellar brokerage management.
GUTTED: Jake Mangel Wurzel's house in Salendine Nook
Despite these minor personality flaws, he is a bit of a legend in his home town of Mangel, a backwater place which is very much a local place for local people.
The buyers were represented by Yovendra Mangel with DelCarmen & Mangel, PC.
FIRE has destroyed the home of well-known Huddersfield character Jake Mangel Wurzel.
I READ Tears of a Clown, John Avison's supportive article on Jake Mangel Wurzel, with real sympathy.
I have never met Jake Mangel Wurzel, though I have spoken to him on the phone.
I have always considered Jake Mangel Wurzel to be little more than an irritant and embarrassment to our town.
Staff members are: Chrissy Herman, president; Jennie Louchheim, vice president; Nicole Nassib, publicity; Karly Katona, information; Jamie Goldblatt communications; Guy Lipa, operations; Sara Mangel, and Steven Gersh, development; Bridget Moloney, volunteer; Jennie Dean, Colin Scibetta, and Anna Nesser, magazine directors.