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the quality of being maneuverable

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For many, the benefit of skid steers lies in their maneuverability and versatility.
The X-31 Vector enhanced fighter maneuverability aircraft, right, flew at Mach 1.
The long-range capability of the sensor allows users more maneuverability for fast moving, long-range measurements, according to the company.
FCS is a networked "system of systems," using advanced communications and technologies to link soldiers with manned and unmanned ground and air platforms and sensors, to significantly enhance the Army's effectiveness and maneuverability.
It also leads to a reduction in the scrub radius (the distance from the point where the steering axis meets the ground, to the center of the contact patch of the tire) which improves braking and maneuverability.
Not only do we have the most firepower on these boats compared with the Rigid Raider Craft, but the speed and maneuverability blows other tactical boats out of the water, according to Sgt.
The "all" AC powered N-Generation forklifts feature increased range of maneuverability, an advanced Integrated Presence System and extended service intervals.
Provision of services of shunting locomotives, shunting the team traction and maneuverability team / teams maneuvering in the period from the date of 31 December 2015.
Recyclers are universally looking for reliability and durability, naturally, but other considerations include flexibility, adaptability and maneuverability.
Clinical specialists can benefit from the optimized package of ZEISS OPMI PENTERO 800 which provides intraoperative assessment of blood flow, higher magnification and effortless maneuverability required for complex reconstructive surgery.
Since the introduction of the 1st Generation RAV4 in 1994, the world's first compact crossover, a new segment was made available combining the benefits of the SUVs with the maneuverability and the better fuel efficiency of a sedan car.
Due to the unit's maneuverability and suction, it can also be used as a portable central vacuum system with one, two or three operators using local tubing networks in multiple areas, supporting a couple hundred feet of tubing.
When working in tough dock environments and traveling over uneven floors, operators of stand-up counterbalanced lift trucks rely on comfort, a clear line of sight and maneuverability from their trucks to achieve maximum performance and efficiency throughout their shifts.
The crew declared an IFE and successfully landed near min fuel at an unfamiliar field, down one generator, inop anti-skid, and with reduced maneuverability after a 4.
The 1720 CCS Stack-Fold Planter combines the productivity of the Central Commodity System and the performance of Pro-Series XP[TM] with the maneuverability of an integral planter.