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an abnormal adhesion of two or more structures

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a growing together of parts or structures

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10 Leela Krishna Guttikonda, Koteswara Rao Nadella, Vijayalakshmi Uppaluru, Rama Mohan Kodali, and Ranganadh Nallamothu Nonsyndromic Mandibular Symphysis.
Nelson (2010), states that the main location for mandibular SBC is the premolar and molar regions, followed by the mandibular symphysis.
Subsequently, a horizontal incision was made at mucogingival junction from cuspid to cuspid at mandibular symphysis region and a full-thickness (mucoperiosteal) flap was raised.
2] laser associated with a nonabsorbable suture through the mandibular symphysis pulling the tongue rostrally.
Considering the importance of the MF, this study was undertaken to investigate the morphology and variations in the position of the MF by the morphometric assessment of the relation of MF to the lower teeth, body of the mandible, mandibular symphysis and to the posterior border of the ramus.
Ravosa feels that the study of mandibular symphysis, which is the midline joint between the left and right lower jaws, is one of the most interesting and complex articulations in the bodies of mammals.
Upper incisor absent; cheek teeth hypsodont; parastyle fold indistinct or lacking; protocone constricted; ectoloph greatly elongated; mandibular symphysis transversely expanded.
The lower lip and external incisions were then repaired in a layered fashion with resuspension of the soft-tissue envelope to the mandibular symphysis (figure 3).
Also, one case located in the mandibular symphysis was observed in this study.