mandatory injunction

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injunction requiring the performance of some specific act

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Justice Obayomi further granted an order of mandatory injunction setting aside the issuance and acceptance of the certificate of recognition earlier issued to Agbana by the state government and any act or acts made in furtherance of the said acceptance by the defendant.
1948) (giving the famous example of Lord Eldon's granting an effectively mandatory injunction in prohibitory form); cf.
commenced when a shareholder sued the apartment corporation for breach of the proprietary lease and five members of the cooperative's board individually for breach of fiduciary duty and for a mandatory injunction compelling them to, among other things, sign department of buildings forms in connection with the plaintiff's proposed alterations should the shareholder ultimately win the case.
Historically, the judicial resistance to grant injunctions generated a 'bullet-proof ' attitude in developers although under the law, a court can intervene in such circumstances by granting a prohibitory or mandatory injunction.
I am prepared to grant the mandatory injunction to RBS.
But he was left all shook up when district judge Peter Cowell ruled against his appeal for a mandatory injunction forcing Mr Cohen to vacate the premises.
In late December, Eli Lilly lawyers persuaded a judge to issue a temporary mandatory injunction blocking the dissemination of the documents.
The company consequently faced a mandatory injunction which it was unable to comply with in the short-term.
An earlier mandatory injunction that impelled Intel to provide Intergraph with the disputed materials was overturned by the appellate court.
Under this provision, the Court continued, a party could seek a mandatory injunction ordering a party to "take action" to cleanup and dispose of the waste or a prohibitory injunction to restrain a person from continuing to violate RCRA.
The stipulation and mandatory injunction calls for the property owners - McAlister Investments Inc.
In this case, the judge granted a mandatory injunction, ordering the defendants to return the videotape they seized to the station, "if they have not already done so.
Quicksilver") against the Partnership, the trial court in Fort Worth, Texas, issued an order on Friday which declined to enter a mandatory injunction requested by Quicksilver requiring that an annual meeting be held by March 23, 2010, but granted a temporary injunction "enjoining BreitBurn LP and BreitBurn GP from giving effect to the 'Revised Amendment No.
Likewise, the petitioners sought a mandatory injunction to compel the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (Caap) to cancel the high clearance permit (HCP) it issued in favor of RPEI.
If the DPWH refuses to make these changes, public interest lawyers should force the government to comply by filing cases of mandamus and mandatory injunction.
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