mandatory injunction

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injunction requiring the performance of some specific act

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A prohibitory injunction prevents anticipated nuisance and trespass whilst a mandatory injunction can force the demolition of interfering works.
An earlier mandatory injunction that impelled Intel to provide Intergraph with the disputed materials was overturned by the appellate court.
The stipulation and mandatory injunction calls for the property owners - McAlister Investments Inc.
Quicksilver") against the Partnership, the trial court in Fort Worth, Texas, issued an order on Friday which declined to enter a mandatory injunction requested by Quicksilver requiring that an annual meeting be held by March 23, 2010, but granted a temporary injunction "enjoining BreitBurn LP and BreitBurn GP from giving effect to the 'Revised Amendment No.
Bob Hilliard, the Texas attorney who requested the mandatory injunction on April 4, says the decision puts motorists' lives at risk.
In doing so, the court emphasized that, on remand, the trial court should grant "an appropriate mandatory injunction .
Suit seeks $20,000 for defendant's conduct; damages to be determined from reduction in fair market value of plaintiff's property; an easement and mandatory injunction.
The claimant sought a mandatory injunction requiring demolition of the houses.
Leigh Hutchings, aged 44, from Watford, Hertfordshire, has been awarded the first mandatory injunction against a restaurant owner under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), the organisation said.
A&P responded by asserting that the landlord waived its right to declare a default and that in any event, the lease itself provides that the landlord may not seek to terminate the lease, but can only claim damages or a mandatory injunction for specific performance.
The Appellate Court held that the trial court did not err when (i) it considered extrinsic evidence and found that the management agreement prohibited Sprint from operating in iPCS Wireless's territory because Sprint violated the terms of the agreement, and (ii) it entered an order for a mandatory injunction and ordered the divestiture of Sprint's Nextel holdings in iPCS Wireless's territory.
GM still has not successfully answered the most important questions: Why shouldn't the Court issue a mandatory injunction requiring GM to tell customers to 'Park It Now' when the lives of millions, including the Plaintiffs are at risk?
It's quite astonishing for my learned friend to stand up and say there shouldn't be a mandatory injunction (against Hicks and Gillett) as RBS won't enforce their deadline.
The writ was filed in an attempt to stay enforcement of the preliminary injunction entered by the Ventura County Superior Court on the grounds that the preliminary injunction constitutes a mandatory injunction mandating such a stay.
The case,backed by the Disability Rights Commission, is the first time a mandatory injunction has been used to enforce the Disability Discrimination Act in the education system.
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