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the recipient of a mandate


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The private law mandate has an intuitu personae character due to the fact that it is conferred by the mandator on the mandatary in view of the personal qualities of the latter.
However, if tracing is available in the context of misappropriated trust property, it is quite possible that the same technique could operate in other contexts; for example, where a mandatary misuses property belonging to the mandator, or an administrator of the property of a natural person misuses property under administration.
Hypothesis 4a: Mandatary P2 planning will increase adoption of P2 practices.
En las ultimas decadas se ha institucionalizado el mandatary mediation que supone la existencia de programas que establecen la obligatoriedad de la mediacion familiar con caracter previo al sometimiento de la cuestion a la autoridad judicial.
It seems that most of this subject is left to the general rules of the mandate, representation, the theory of appearance (18), on which if the creditor, by his acts or certain omissions has given solid ground for his debtors to assume that a third party validly can act on his behalf as his agent or mandatary, payment made by those debtors is absolutely valid, and the creditor has no excuse to deny it (19); or the conduct a bank has to have in front of its customers, that is, behaving professionally, acting with due diligence and with the clear purpose to collaborate with the other party to aid it to achieve its objectives (20).
In the early stages of the public sphere's formation, the new cultural role of art critic was thus, according to Habermas, "a peculiarly dialectical" one in view of the requirement that he serve "at the same time as the public's mandatary and as its educator" (ibid.
Even if detention were considered necessary for the purposes of confirming the identity of arrivals and for public health reasons, these issues do not justify mandatary detention for an extended period as the government maintains.
Cooper, The Languages of Jerusalem (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1991); Edward Ullendorff, 'Hebrew in Mandatary Palestine', in Hebrew Studies from Ezra to Ben-Yehuda ed.
The code - which stipulates that formal contracts should be issued by builders within four weeks of receiving a deposit - will be mandatary for the association's 1,300 members.
The first pillar is a mandatary redistributive program having the primary responsibility for providing a social safety net.