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Synonyms for mandatary

the recipient of a mandate


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The private law mandate has an intuitu personae character due to the fact that it is conferred by the mandator on the mandatary in view of the personal qualities of the latter.
Object of the procurement process is the selection of the future mandatary of the State of Thuringia for the state guarantee program.
However, if tracing is available in the context of misappropriated trust property, it is quite possible that the same technique could operate in other contexts; for example, where a mandatary misuses property belonging to the mandator, or an administrator of the property of a natural person misuses property under administration.
Hypothesis 4a: Mandatary P2 planning will increase adoption of P2 practices.
Investissement Quebec, as a mandatary for the Government of Quebec, is one of the largest institutional investors in Canada.