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any of various geometric designs (usually circular) symbolizing the universe

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The mandala was then destroyed and dispersed to symbolise the "impermanence of all that exists".
I'm thrilled share the mandala with women and men in powerful leadership roles," said Rausch.
Contact Laura Mandala for more information on the TTABresearch task force, at Laura@mandalaresearch.
Through this mandala, the monks are hoping that people will think of peace and of compassion for others," said Nima Nedup, an interpreter for the monks.
This Mandala is dedicated to the peace and happiness of all beings, and especially to those who are suffering in Burma at this time.
Most of the composition was made up of architectural components, but three elements from nature imported a sense of loss and uprootedness: a dead, spiky, sun-starved cedar tree at the entrance; a massive piece of Pacific Coast driftwood resting in a steel and milled-wood armature nearby; and, in the room with the mandala, several very large dried water-lily pads resting on platforms as if on catafalques.
An intensive whole-person program that combines the work of psychotherapy, inner healing, spiritual direction, body/breath work, dream work and mandala assessment and professional educational training for adult life skills to effect personal life-change.
After presenting the mandala four monks, dressed in their dark red and yellow robes, donned elaborate bright yellow hats and blessed the mandala with a chant while ringing bells, striking cymbals, playing horns and throwing flowers.
Fine support came from other members of the team--composer Christopher Nickels and lighting artist Jennifer Tipton for Helix, and composer Jon Jang and lighting artist Helena Kuukka for Mandala and Silk Roads.
GLENDALE - The first three-dimensional Buddhist mandala to ever be built in the United States will be consecrated today during a three-hour ceremony at Forest Lawn Museum.
The goals were to introduce mandalas and other geometric patterns of spiritual and artistic significance; to include the development of an inter-disciplinary curriculum; to introduce the geometry of circular design generation (math); to understand the mandala as a way to organize thought (creative writing); to learn how to make mandalas and what they mean in different cultures.
The Mandala is the Best and Most High-Definition Way to Control All the Pro Audio Software Out There,' Says Mandala Inventor Vince De Franco
5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Munck Wilson Mandala, the Dallas-based technology law firm, is pleased to announce that accomplished litigation attorney Aaron D.
Tenders are invited for Annual comprehensive maintenance of electrical installations at non residential buildings, street lighting system, security lighting system, common area lighting system and lighting system of sports facilities in Anushaktinagar, New Mandala.
com)-- Mandala Research(MR) will partner with the International Culinary Tourism Association (ICTA) on a new study of culinary travelers to learn more about the preferences and activities of this affluent and discriminating market segment.