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sirenian mammal of tropical coastal waters of America

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What do you think Florida officials should do to help reduce the number of manatee deaths caused by collisions with watercraft?
Hensley Public Safety Complex, originally constructed and dedicated in his honor in 1981 and now incorporated into the Manatee County Judicial Center.
The tag's final design could be mounted on a padded rubber tube that manatee researchers put around the animal's peduncle (the area above the tail).
For this reason, people are trying to help save the manatees by posting signs in manatee areas, and by creating new laws with fines for injuring one.
In 1998, a manatee was seen near the eastern tip of Long Island, but this incident may be the first time a manatee ever visited the Hudson.
Fish and Wildlife Service, outlines tasks to identify and reduce human related mortality, identify and protect manatee habitat, and develop criteria and biological information needed for recovery of the Puerto Rico population.
Changes for Manatee Habitats After more than 60 years of naval activities in eastern Puerto Rico, over 8,000 acres (3,240 hectares) of the former Naval Station Roosevelt Roads are slated for transfer from Department of Defense to private and commonwealth ownership.
Community focus: When Superintendent Bearing learned that Manatee County voters approved a half-cent sales tax increase over 15 years to help generate the hundreds of millions of dollars needed to finance school renovations and new school buildings, he was not surprised.
On this day, Skeet comes upon a manatee sunning itself along the shoreline.
As luck would have it, Suncoast Elementary chose the manatee as a school mascot in 1994.
Florida's Manatee County Port Authority has approved a memorandum of understanding between Port Manatee and Cuba--built only after port officials agreed to remove a 44-word sentence that encouraged the port to actively oppose the U.
With Florida boat registrations soaring, manatee deaths hit a record high of 95 in 2002.
Fish and Wildlife Service measures include three new manatee protection areas with signs to alert boaters.
Organized Fishermen of Florida spokesman Jerry Sansom, who has tracked manatee issues for years, told the Orlando Sentinel, "It's a disaster waiting to happen.
Two years ago, Stephanie Cohen saw a photograph of an injured manatee in her local newspaper.