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Synonyms for manakin

a woman who wears clothes to display fashions

a life-size dummy used to display clothes

any of numerous small bright-colored birds of Central America and South America having short bills and elaborate courtship behavior

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subsidy rates for Loften Aluminum (Hong Kong), Manakin Industries LLC, and Suzhou Manakin Aluminum Processing Technology Co.
The red-capped manakins of Central America gather at courtship assemblies called leks, which Kaiser compared to night clubs.
In the case of the golden-crowned manakin, the parental species were found to be the snow-capped manakin and the Opal-crowned manakin.
Lead researcher Kim Bostwick, curator of birds and mammals at the Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates, and her colleagues carried out CT scans of manakin wings.
As Chairperson of the journalism department, Professor Manakin gave a speech and also introduced me to the faculty and students.
Climate change effects on neotropical manakin diversity based on ecological niche modeling.
Water utility Aqua America Inc (NYSE:WTR) reported on Friday the completion of the acquisition of the wastewater system assets of Manakin Water and Sewerage Corporation and Manakin Farms Inc in Goochland County, Virginia for a purchase price of USD80,000.
Pugh beat Gary Manakin in straight sets and Peter Mann 3-1, while Dyson also took out Manakin and Richard Priestley, but surprisingly went down to Mann after holding a lead in the final game.
California) places the 1700 settlement of Huguenot refugees from Catholic France at Manakin Town in the British royal colony of Virginia in the context of the refugee resettlement attempts of a wide-ranging Protestant International.
Or there's the manakin bird from south America, where two males dance together to attract females.
Sharp violin-like sounds come from the male club-winged manakin, a tiny songbird from the Andean cloud forest in South America, yet not all come from his beak.
Manakin is a user interface developed by Texas A&M University which supports the ability of each community (in this case, each CSU campus) and collection to establish a unique design that might extend outside of DSpace and into an existing institutional web presence (Texas A&M University, n.
La hembra presenta una coloracion verdoso olivaceo, bastante discreto, como corresponde a quien, por tener que cuidar de los huevos y de la progenie, le convienen colores Transitional plumage in wire-tailed Manakin Pipra (Teleonema) filicauda, Spix, 1825 no llamativos, para dificultar su posible deteccion por algun depredador.
ROCK 'n' roll helps people stay in control according to Bahraini singer songwriter Shaikh Hassan bin Rashid Al Khalifa, frontman of indie rock band Manakin.