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a time unit used in industry for measuring work

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The programme involves a staff reduction of 100 man-years, and will lead to up to NOK70m in restructuring costs.
5 man-years and annual costs by approximately FIM45m.
With nearly 100 man-years of development, Media Excel brings a unique Mobile TV product line that provides rich functionality, standards compliance and the best price/performance to streamline Mobile TV services and operations.
The development of the Voxpilot CCXML Interpreter comes on the back of 120 man-years of experience creating world-class mark-up language interpreters.
Incorporated in August 2002 by Mark Saville, collectively the three directors have over 54 man-years of experience in the IT industry, with over 15 man-years in the messaging and security sectors.
The IntAct(TM) IPTV solution consists of both a client software stack and IP STB server management tools which represent the culmination of more than 150 man-years of product development, third party interoperability and pre-integration.
We have invested significant man-years in developing the OCAP solution and have participated in several interoperability tests at CableLabs," said Takashi Sakakibara, president, Pioneer Research Center USA.
After six years and nearly 100 man-years of work, we are able to satisfy that objective with more confidence than ever before.