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Synonyms for man-to-man

Synonyms for man-to-man

forthright and honest

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being a system of play in which an individual defensive player guards an individual offensive player

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He has to face me at mag-usap kami lalaki sa lalaki kung bakit niya ginawa 'yan (and we will have a man-to-man talk why he did that),' Dela Rosa told reporters in an ambush interview at Camp Crame on Friday.
After this pass, all five defenders should basically play in the same manner, using the same basic full-court press man-to-man principles that are applied with all of the various "50 Press" alignments and stunts.
He might have won the fight in the ring but what about outside, just me and him, man-to-man.
If I were to choose, I'd play man-to-man the majority of the time,'' Kevin Thomas said.
1" is the half-court 1-2-2 zone, "2" the half-court 2-3 zone defense, "3" the 1-3-1 half-court zone defense, "4" a box and one zone defense, and "5" is the half-court man-to-man.
After a pre-designated number of "reversal passes" are made away from the opposing basket, all the defenders must immediately rotate to find the nearest opponent to match up with and then guard in a man-to-man defensive scheme until the half-court defense is needed.
That's why we had to go back to man-to-man in the second half.
5" is the name for the half-court man-to-man defense, "1" is the half-court 1-2-2 zone, "2" the half-court 2-3 zone, and "3" is the 1-3-1 half-court zone defense.
I like hard core man-to-man because I know who to blame.
The ball handler exhibits patience against a man-to-man press.
Where Quartz Hill played a man-to-man game, Montclair Prep played more zones.
The choice of the offensive base may be a year-to-year decision based on personnel and base offense comprised of both man-to-man and zone components out of the same set.
SANTA CLARITA - Dillard University of New Orleans, ranked 22nd in the NAIA Top 25 poll, used harassing man-to-man defense to force 29 turnovers and beat The Master's College 91-45 Saturday in the final of the Mustangs' Galpin Fall Classic at Bross Gym.
We may decide to lock the Will linebacker up man-to-man with the weak-side tight end and have the strong safety and corner play strictly run.
The scheme was a variation of a zone defense, with center Idel Dawson, point guard Gabe Stevenson and forwards Michael Stevenson (Gabe's younger brother) and Antoine Jones forming a diamond-shaped zone, with guard Mario Realzola applying man-to-man pressure on Johnson.