man-made fiber

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fiber created from natural materials or by chemical processes

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There is a huge capacity of man-made fiber production that seems to be ever growing.
China Man-Made Fiber plans to purchase new technology from Shell and invest NT$6-7 billion for building a new EG plant with annual capacity of 700,000 metric tons, which will substitute for an original plan to construct a smaller plant with 400,000 metric tons of capacity.
Although the earlier agreements had controlled the growth of cotton textile imports, imports of man-made fiber textiles and apparel increased rapidly.
Global consumer demand for all man-made fibers fell by 0.
launches a report on the Man-made Fiber Market in India 2011 as part of Netscribes' Manufacturing series.
Man-made fiber trousers, slacks and shorts for men and women.
Sabanci Holding holds a 50% share of DuPontSA, and other man-made fiber subsidiaries and associate companies are active internationally in polyester industrial yarn and in polyamide industrial and textile yarns.
Globecot offers subscribers a choice of news developments about either cotton, man-made fiber or textile-related developments.
Enka Tecnica manufactures and markets spinnerets, other high precision components and quality control and monitoring equipment for the man-made fiber industry with annual sales of $14 million.
These comprised about one-fifth of all textile imports during the month and soared 27 percent, as countries ranging from Mexico to Canada, and South Korea to Taiwan and Turkey, shipped vastly higher amounts of cotton and man-made fiber yarns to U.
The Corporation was the first to: offer fabrics made of Polylactide acid (PLA), a man-made fiber derived from corn (a 100-percent renewable resource); adopt Scientific Certification Systems' Indoor Advantage([TM]) program for indoor air quality testing and certification; and offer chairs which are 88 percent recyclable.
NEW YORK--It feels like cotton, but don't be deceived-- it's Dura Soft, Lacey Rug Mills man-made fiber.
The "World Nylon Fiber - Trends in Demand & Supply" is the first compendium presenting the demand and supply trends in man-made fiber industry.
is one of the leading suppliers worldwide of machinery and equipment for the textile, nonwovens, paper and man-made fiber industries.
The "World Polyester Fiber - Trends in Demand & Supply" is the first compendium presenting the demand and supply trends in man-made fiber industry.