man-eating shark

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Our little piggies had not been handled either, so they were about as pet-like as a man-eating shark when I picked them up.
AN air-sea search swept the coast of Western Australia yesterday in the hunt for a man-eating shark that bit a surfer in half.
It is the tale of a man-eating shark that terrorises a quiet New England beach.
THOUSANDS of holiday-makers were put on Jaws alert yesterday after a man-eating shark was spotted at one of Britain's top resorts.
A BRITISH scuba diver told yesterday how his leg was ripped to shreds by a man-eating shark.
A DIVER fought off a man-eating shark as it began swallowing him - by poking it in the eye.
FISH BEHAVING BADLY ONCE I came within a foot of a man-eating shark - a foot of solid aquarium glass, and I still needed to find a bar urgently.
His eyes are cold and expressionless and would look more at home on a great man-eating shark.
The man-eating shark, made famous by the Jaws films, can reach up to 4,500lbs.
A DIVER was killed by a man-eating shark after it pushed him back into the water as pals tried to save him.
The dolphins who came to his rescue formed a protective circle around Martin, slapping tails and fins on the water to intimidate the man-eating shark.
The biggest haddie on the box has survived a man-eating shark for a wife, a bullet in the (fish) guts and night-time encounters with Moby Dick, aka Janine Butcher.
Or how about "The Great Whitey" - Carol Thatcher in a face-off with a man-eating shark.
Four years after having to contend with a killer great white shark, a series of boating accidents and mysterious incidents convince police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) there's a man-eating shark back in town.