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A DIVER was killed by a man-eating shark after it pushed him back into the water as pals tried to save him.
The dolphins who came to his rescue formed a protective circle around Martin, slapping tails and fins on the water to intimidate the man-eating shark.
Or how about "The Great Whitey" - Carol Thatcher in a face-off with a man-eating shark.
The biggest haddie on the box has survived a man-eating shark for a wife, a bullet in the (fish) guts and night-time encounters with Moby Dick, aka Janine Butcher.
Four years after having to contend with a killer great white shark, a series of boating accidents and mysterious incidents convince police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) there's a man-eating shark back in town.
Nick learned to love snakes, had a pet bat and collected fish including an octopus, stingrays and a man-eating shark.
Jaws (1975): Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, a giant man-eating shark threatens the Long Island coast.
IRISH fishermen have captured a man-eating shark off the Kerry coast.
A touch of the screen, and you're in front of the Eiffel Tower, Jennifer Lawrence at your side, a man-eating shark heading your way.
Based on Peter Benchley's book, it's the simplicity of the story which makes it such a success - everyone's happily enjoying their holiday and then along comes a giant man-eating shark.
AN air-sea search swept the coast of Western Australia yesterday in the hunt for a man-eating shark that bit a surfer in half.
A DIVER has told of the horrifying moment he was attacked by a 10ft man-eating shark which gouged his leg open.
A man-eating shark is a carnivorous fish and a man eating shark is a male human in the active process of consuming shark meat.
The genre encompasses such oddities as Stacy, an allusive Japanese schoolgirl zombie dramedy; the Hong Kong "hopping zombie" series of Sir Run Run Shaw; and Lucio Fulci's magnificent Zombi 2, which combines a flesh-eating zombie, a man-eating shark, and a bare-breasted woman diver in a bravura underwater battle.
The island I have in mind is a desert island surrounded by a sea of man-eating sharks in a dog-eat-dog situation.