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a child who is male

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Balducci examines the modern film trend of the man-child, tracing its origins to discover how the contemporary phenomenon came to exist in present comic movies.
EXERCISING woeful misjudgment, this man-child comedy has no idea how staggeringly awful and creepy it is.
This third instalment, cropping up well before December, offers the familiar mix of childish fun and games, with Wootton's man-child, would-be teacher Mr Poppy especially endearing.
Both are tolerated by the community, the man-child and the local crazy lady, until they outrage folks by living together.
In the yvedik series his body was a vessel for the Turkish maganda culture as he masked himself with kitsch attire and a whole lot of chest and facial hair; in "Celal and Ceren" his body is that of a 30-year-old man-child who still lives in the time-warp of his pubescent psychology.
There are sporadic laughs here courtesy of Marc Wootton as a reckless man-child and his exuberant young co-stars who were plucked from open auditions in Coventry.
Her commentary rings true with the trends of Hollywood, which picked up on the phenomenon in Judd Apatow's streak of man-child films ranging from 'Knocked Up' in 2007 to 'Step Brothers' in 2008.
In his debut as Giovanni Rana's public face, Lovejoy's mugging man-child dupes an Italian stunna into cooking him dinner.
gt;In a nutshell: Ferrell and Reilly do the man-child thing again, only this time it's R-rated and not quite as funny.
Then each precious man-child in the land can look up to and be inspired by a black American president.
Thus,``Gazza says he's still hungry'',conjures up pictures of the man-child wolfing down a mountain of beef burgers lubricated by a couple of boats of gravy.
But Jackson was angry at how he felt he was portrayed - as an odd man-child who says he sometimes innocently lets children sleep in his bed.
Angered by how Bashir portrayed him - as an odd man-child who says he sometimes innocently lets children sleep in his own bed - Jackson came forward with videotape taken during the Bashir interview by his own production company.
The Man-Child is living rent-free, eating cornbread and collard greens and getting his shirts starched.
Herbie Hancock: Man-Child (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab UDCD 706)