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a child who is male

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I don't know which manifestation is more referential to the prevalent aspects of macho domination in Turkey, but I do think that GE[micro]kbakar endeavors to up his game with this contemporary man-child routine, which global and local audiences have already gotten accustomed to viewing through the likes of Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow.
There are sporadic laughs here courtesy of Marc Wootton as a reckless man-child and his exuberant young co-stars who were plucked from open auditions in Coventry.
Her commentary rings true with the trends of Hollywood, which picked up on the phenomenon in Judd Apatow's streak of man-child films ranging from 'Knocked Up' in 2007 to 'Step Brothers' in 2008.
In his debut as Giovanni Rana's public face, Lovejoy's mugging man-child dupes an Italian stunna into cooking him dinner.
gt;In a nutshell: Ferrell and Reilly do the man-child thing again, only this time it's R-rated and not quite as funny.
Then each precious man-child in the land can look up to and be inspired by a black American president.
Sandler plies his usual schtick as the beleaguered man-child caught in the eye of a storm of outrageous misfortune but his antics fail to raise a smile, unlike Walken, who is the one member of the cast having a ball.
We looked at man-child Ozzy and couldn't help laughing.
The latest flick to explore issues of self-discovery - what happens to you when you're broke one minute and rolling in it the next - is Mr Deeds, where Charles Dickens' Pip has been replaced by Longfellow Deeds, a character created by eternal man-child Adam Sandler.
But Jackson was angry at how he felt he was portrayed - as an odd man-child who says he sometimes innocently lets children sleep in his bed.
Angered by how Bashir portrayed him - as an odd man-child who says he sometimes innocently lets children sleep in his own bed - Jackson came forward with videotape taken during the Bashir interview by his own production company.
Herbie Hancock: Man-Child (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab UDCD 706)
Here, in the same body, is a helpless man-child who spends his days and nights fighting a battle for dignity he cannot win.
New Hornets big man Tyson Chandler has a message for everyone waiting for this man-child to finally break out: The time is now.