man of the cloth

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You're not a man of the cloth, not human, not animal.
A veteran writer specializing in Ernst Mach and Ludwig Boltzman, Blackmore presents six dialogues patterned after those of Socrates in which a leader, an ally, a man of the cloth, a partly educated young women eager to learn, and a vigorous opponent debate a number of questions.
AS a man of the cloth, Father James Robinson was a pillar of the community.
Stump was a great man of the cloth who was always there for those in spiritual need," National Commander Wallace E.
Where, when he abused these children, was the Christian charity a man of the cloth could be expected to display?
The role of Man of the Cloth in Speaking in Tongues.
Shaw comes to life when recounting the sex sessions, such as one with a client--a man of the cloth, no less--who gets off by watching two men together.
When he's the sole survivor of a brutal car accident, something compels him to take a dead man's identity, which leads a lecher and a thief to soon become a man of the cloth.
In addition to its popular and long-running Autobahn-cop actioner "Alarm fuer Cobra 11," RTL also enjoyed a muscular new hit this summer with "Lasko--Die Faust Gottes" (Lasko: The Fist of God), about a former elite soldier who fights for justice as a kickass man of the cloth and member of the secret Vatican order Puguus Dei.
Can the man of the cloth successfully steer our hero away from his path of destruction and ensure the villagers are spared from tyranny?
I SEE the British Horseracing Authority seem to have unearthed a secret weapon in their fight against corruption - a man of the cloth .
MEET Rev Simon Beveridge, a man of the cloth - the saddlecloth.
It is indeed, and it would be odd if a man of the cloth possessed skills to enable him to enter a car other than his own in such a way as to activate the alarm.
It shouldn't take a court of law to make a man of the cloth do the right thing; but, in this case, that might just be what it takes.