man of means

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a man who is wealthy

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In the first series, we followed the travails of Soames Forsyte (Damian Lewis), a man of means who married the lower-born Irene (Gina McKee): His domineering manner chased her from his arms and ultimately into those of his cousin Jolyon (Rupert Graves).
Joseph William Sheppard, an inventor and man of means, has starved himself to death in the belief that he could so spiritualise his life that he could exist without eating.
You as a man of means owed it to your community and relatives not to vanish without a trace for ten years," his heirs argued.
It seems that Harry--now a man of means who doesn't need to work--has been obsessed with Michel all those years, remembering every word of the sexually charged poems and surreal sci-fi stories Michel wrote for their high school paper.
Soupault's Paris is a dark illusion, a city of "sex and mystery," that haunts the group of small-time underworld figures who people its pages and that finds its personification in an enigmatic prostitute who obsesses both this group of bookies, thieves, murderers, and eccentrics and Soupault's narrator, a man of means by no means introduced by chance into this little group.
Judge Ian Lomax said: "You are a man of means but the fine should not be disproportionate.
His transformation from gormless to man of means is one of the highlights.
When Theresa announces she is bringing home her latest catch, a stockbroker called Simon (Ashton Kutcher), Percy runs a credit check and finds that Simon is a young man of means.