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The book doesn't say 'blood'; it says 'oil,' and there must be oil somewhere in a live man's body or the book wouldn't ask for it.
By and by they came to the place where steel rails were made; and Jurgis heard a toot behind him, and jumped out of the way of a car with a white-hot ingot upon it, the size of a man's body.
One of these is a giant Indian maize--a lofty perennial often fifty and sixty feet in height, with ears the size off a man's body and kernels as large as your fist.
Danny was a man of twenty-four, and his body was a man's body.
No one would have guessed a priori that this movement of a middle-aged man's body would cause fish to come out of the sea into his larder, but experience shows that it does, and the middle-aged man therefore continues to go to the City, just as the cat in the cage continues to lift the latch when it has once found it.
Many a man's body was wounded with the pitiless bronze, as he turned round and bared his back to the foe, and many were struck clean through their shields; the wall and battlements were everywhere deluged with the blood alike of Trojans and of Achaeans.
The area where the man's body was found has been sealed off by police as the investigation continues.
The Coastguard and police recovered the man's body from a small cove close to Trearddur Bay on Anglesey on Wednesday, November 29.
Paul posted the video with a man's body on 31 December, triggering widespread criticism.
After discovering Man's body, Atlanta Journal-Constitution also spoke to the Gwinnett County commissioner Jace Brooks who said, "It's probably not a great reflection of the current private owners of the mall.
A MAN'S body was found in a St Helens canal yesterday.
Residents of Utoma, Awendo sub-county, were shocked to find a man's body dumped at his sister's business premises.
A man's body was found hanging from a tree Saturday morning in Berkeley Park in west Eugene.
QUETTA -- Police have found a man's body at Sikandar Abad near Qambarani road area of the provincial capital on Wedesday.
A man's body was subsequently found on the cliff - a well-known but notorious part of the Cleveland Way - where the pathway runs just feet away from the cliff edge.