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wealth regarded as an evil influence

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(New Testament) a personification of wealth and avarice as an evil spirit

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The girl, after leaving her entertainer, sped swiftly cross-town until she arrived at a handsome and sedate mansion two squares to the east, facing on that avenue which is the highway of Mammon and the auxiliary gods.
So Rebecca, during her stay at Queen's Crawley, made as many friends of the Mammon of Unrighteousness as she could possibly bring under control.
But mammon is in the details, and the details are delicious.
But if you've got a bad bout of affluenza, do you wake up crying, 'Mammon, Mammon, Mammon'?
Often, too, as in Scrabble (1998), with its neon dais, the sets seem ready to stage sinister forms of religious service, rituals in the court of Mammon, perhaps, in these witty explorations of the dark underbelly of global mass consumer culture.
He was the one who said you should love your enemies and turn the other cheek; he was the one who said blessed are the meek and blessed are the poor - sell what you have and give it to them; the one who said you can't serve God and Mammon.
The production is a mix of God and Mammon, however.
So what we have, in effect, is a celebrity culture, controlled by Mammon, which is almost terminally diseased and populated by greedy jerks with feet of clay who are prepared to say or do anything if the price is right.
It just proved that Mammon is valued more than Man.
But re-development is scheduled and nothing will prevent the brazen march of Mammon in the form of property developers anxious to build a conference centre.
If Mammon comes first, then the game is down the pan.
Islamabad, Safar 11, 1437, November 23, 2015, SPA -- President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mammon Hussain received here today the Secretary General of the Muslim World League Dr.
Ltd, Mammon Grandpa (Shanghai) Financial Technology Co.
Addressing the forum of Ansar Burney Trust International Ansar Burney, he requested President of Pakistan Mammon Hussain and Prime Minister Main Nawaz Sharif to take immediate steps to save Pakistani Nation from Swine Flu virus before it's too late.
In my tradition we endeavor to follow the teachings of Jesus, who said that no servant can serve two masters; you cannot serve God and mammon.