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X-ray film of the soft tissue of the breast

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Also known as digital tomosynthesis, 3-D mammograms use the same X-ray machine as a 2-D mammogram but instead of capturing only one side and one front image of the breast, the higher-tech screening captures several images of the breast in slices.
Kouzali said that women then need to book an appointment at any of the mammogram centres, and that there are no long waiting lists.
Q: Should I get a mammogram once a year or every other year?
Finally, if you decide to follow the ACS guidelines and postpone your first mammogram, don't assume that an annual clinical examination (the examination that involves palpation and visual examination) will help to catch any issues.
Dr Alexandra Economacos, a consultant breast radiologist at Mediclinic City Hospital, said: "I have been in practice in Dubai for eight years and over this time I have received many secondary referrals from women whose cancers were originally missed on a screening mammogram.
Though her cancer was anything but just a one-and-done surgery--the cancer spread, requiring chemotherapy, radiation and years of due diligence--it would have been impossible to beat had she never gone in for her routine mammogram.
A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast, says Jacqueline Miller, MD, FACS, medical director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program.
Women also reported that they must factor nonmedical costs, such as those for travel or childcare, into the time and effort it takes to get a mammogram.
For now, the recommendation is that women get a mammogram once a year, beginning at age 40.
A Canadian study that many experts say has major flaws has revived debate about the value of mammograms.
ISLAMABAD -- The Pink Ribbon Campaign has launched the country's first Breast Cancer Mobile Mammogram Clinic to help women get regular check-ups in locations where there is no easy access to hospitals.
ISLAMABAD -- Pink Ribbon campaign has initiated the project of mobile mammogram bus to help women get regular checkups in locations where there is no easy access to hospitals.
I visited a private hospital in the capital recently, and was shocked to find that my mammogram was scheduled to take place with a male technician," a Lebanese resident in the capital told Gulf News.
I do believe that there is insufficient data to suggest continued mammograms beyond the age of 74, and therefore women who are older should consult with their physicians prior to getting a mammogram.
Starting in their 40s or 50s, most American women get a mammogram every year, as recommended by health officials.