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X-ray film of the soft tissue of the breast

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The survey also revealed that 37 percent of women perceive technology to be the number one factor in receiving a high quality mammogram and that 59 percent of women said they would be willing to travel a further distance for a digital exam, even though digital mammography technology has not been shown to offer an advantage over conventional mammography for women with average breast density.
Health Care Costs Are Reduced - Early detection can mean the difference between spending $100-$600 on a mammogram and spending thousands of dollars in initial breast cancer treatment costs.
She got radiation treatment and was cancer-free for eight years until doctors detected cancer in the same breast after a mammogram.
Women should get mammograms during the first 2 weeks of their menstrual cycle to avoid false-negative results, a Canadian study suggests.
As leaders in the breast health field, we desire to offer excellent care for our patients and the greatest incentive for every woman to have her mammogram," said Jan Armstrong, Administrator at TOPS.
A screening mammogram is done as a precaution when the patient does not have signs of cancer.
Questions have arisen as to whether 3D mammograms should be covered by insurance in the same manner that traditional mammograms are.
Some women also believe that getting a mammogram can cause cancer because of the radiation exposure from the X-ray, Miller says.
The procedure is safe: There's only a very tiny amount of radiation exposure from a mammogram.
It's important to note that this study did not compare mammograms to no screening at all, as most other research on this topic has.
The objective of the mobile mammogram clinic is to reach out to the poorest of poor women for free screening services at their doorsteps to save thousands of precious lives with early diagnosis, he added.
Pakistan's first Breast Cancer Mobile Mammogram Clinic was launched by Pink Ribbon Campaign,in collaboration with the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Oncology (INMOL).
I visited a private hospital in the capital recently, and was shocked to find that my mammogram was scheduled to take place with a male technician," a Lebanese resident in the capital told Gulf News.
Starting in their 40s or 50s, most American women get a mammogram every year, as recommended by health officials.
Hispanic women, however, have the lowest rates of mammogram usage compared to women of other race/ethnicities.