mammal family

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a family of mammals

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That's about normal in a mammal family, Fanlkes says.
But according to that study, guinea pigs don't belong on the same branch of the mammal family tree, and shouldn't called rodents anymore.
With his marine mammal family, trainers, local children and guests of Dolphin Encounters present, Milo the baby sea lion enjoyed a first birthday party that included the usual highlights: cake and gifts - with a marine mammal twist.
Milo's first birthday is a big milestone in his life and for our marine mammal family," said Robert Meister, Managing Director, Dolphin Encounters.
The announcement was made yesterday after scientists trawling the river failed to find a single specimen of the breed, becoming only the fourth mammal family to disappear in 500 years.
It belongs to a group of animals called mammaliaforms, a dead-end lineage that branched off near the base of the mammal family tree, says Zhe-Xi Luo, a paleontologist at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh.
If true, this would slice these marine animals from their long-standing position on the mammal family tree and graft them onto a different branch.