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Captured animals were identified to species, noted as new or recaptured, weighted, sex was determined, and their reproductive condition ascertained (males were reproductively active if testes were scrotal, and females were reproductively active if the vagina was perforate, mammae were enlarged, or they were obviously pregnant).
Ages were catagorized as adult, subadult, juvenile, and pup based on molting pattern (adult versus subadult), size/mass (subadult versus juvenile), and attachment to mammae (juvenile versus pup).
Gender was determined by multiple external characteristics, including genitalia and mammae, to reduce the error in determining sex of individuals without necropsy (Witmer et al.
In females, uteri were inspected for the presence of fetuses or placental scars; number, location, and crown-rump length of fetuses were recorded, if present; and mammae were examined for signs of recent lactation.
THE Baby Show is back at the NEC from Friday to Sunday, May 18-20, with more than 250 leading brands such as Fisher-Price, Mamas & Papas, Mothercare, Marks & Spencer, Britax, tommee tippee and new companies Mammae, Poco Nido, Kinderroom and Curapro.