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misconduct in public office

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The ruling specifically covered two counts of graft and one count of malversation regarding the P11.
Under Article 217 of the Revised Penal Code, malversation of public funds or property is committed when a public officer 'appropriateor misappropriateconsent or through abandonment or negligence permit any other person to take such public funds or property, wholly or partially.
On the other hand, Kare was slapped with two graft charges and three malversation charges.
Interroge sur la recente etude menee par des chercheurs de la Banque mondiale selon laquelle les Ben Ali empochaient un quart des benefices realises par le secteur prive, Kamel Ayadi a signale que ce rapport en depit de son importance certaine, n'a fait que confirmer ce que tous les Tunisiens connaissent deja sur l'ampleur de la malversation de la famille Ben Ali et du favoritisme dont elle a beneficie.
They may be prosecuted for technical malversation and COA (Commission on Audit) shall require the return of the funds (released through DAP)," Joyas told Manila Times.
The technical malversation charge is a significant downgrade from an earlier plunder complaint filed against Arroyo by Chavez.
At kung ang Comelec, gagawin nila ang plebisito, sila ay masasampahan ng kaso for malversation dahilan sa gagastos sila ng pondo ng bansa nang walang pahintulot ng batas,' he added.
in two counts of graft and one count of malversation for phase three of the construction of the P2.
The Office of the Ombudsman originally recommended that they pay P30,000 per graft charge and P200,000 per malversation through falsification charge, but Napoles' children, in their motion, said that the total amount is "not only overwhelming but disheartening as well.
Le depute a aussi, evoque les suspicions de corruption ayant pese sur le directeur actuel du cabinet de la ministre, lors de son passage a la tete du Fonds de Reconversion et de Developpement des Centres Miniers durant la periode 2007/2010, affirmant que le Rapport de la Cour des comptes nA 28 (mars/avril 2014), a consacre 23 pages sur un total de 600, aux dysfonctionnements et aux suspicions de malversation, entachant la gestion administrative er financiere du Fonds en question durant la periode 2005-2013.
could be considered an accountable officer who can be made liable for malversation of public funds,' his motion read.
Kare and former municipal agriculturist Norberto Resontoc were separately charged with malversation of public funds after 47 bottles of Bio-Nature Liquid Organic Fertilizer, also procured from Feshan at P1,500 per bottle, were unaccounted for.
When a treasurer, cashier, or accountant was ordered to "see" the auditor or his assistant, the subject was about malversation or shortage incurred by an employee or the treasurer himself.
Il a explique, dans ce cadre, qu'il y a des indices tres objectifs tels que ceux reveles par le rapport annuel de la Cour des comptes ou encore celui de la commission nationale sur les affaires de corruption et de malversation qui confirment l'existence de dossiers de corruption dans le domaine.
04-million graft and malversation charges against her because prosecutors have failed to prove the charges even after 10 years.