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Synonyms for malt

a milkshake made with malt powder

a lager of high alcohol content


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a cereal grain (usually barley) that is kiln-dried after having been germinated by soaking in water

treat with malt or malt extract

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turn into malt, become malt

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convert grain into malt

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convert into malt

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Wonderful hop aroma, less malty and more hoppy than some of the others, this has a good bitterness and dries out perfectly," said economist Ernie Adamo.
But you don't need to be of Irish descent to appreciate the malty sweetness of Wild Geese Single Malt Whiskey (PS53.
A couple of punters said it reminded them of Beamish, which is a fair shout - sweet, malty and warming.
McMahon and Kelly caused problems for the Malty defence all game with their strength and pace.
Recommend the lightest beers with shellfish and lighter fish dishes; the malty ales and lagers with richer fish steaks, poultry, pasta and spicy dishes; the hoppiest beers with dishes that have some sweetness or rich sauces; and the strongest beers with roasted meat dishes.
Anyway, I drank one of these and not only did it have a nice balance between sweet and malty, it did not make me sleep with the first girl I could find, play with snakes I didn't know or ruin the rest of time for all humanity.
Kaziranga, created from a rich blend of Assam teas, produces a bright cup with a malty aftertaste and is a premium tea to be savoured by dedicated drinkers.
IF BEER is your tipple of choice one of Britain's many traditional malty ales should go a treat with the turkey.
8% ABV) is a traditionally dark malty ale with a well-rounded bitterness produced from Fuggles and Challenger hops.
The back-label taste profile chart provides consumers with visual indication of the levels of each ale's particular taste, with a bitter, sweet, hoppy, malty and fruity taste scale.
Richer soups could be accompanied by a mild or malty ale.
About 35 members of the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) spent a week setting up kegs and starting the extra conditioning process which gives real ale its distinctive flavours and malty taste.
German varieties include the bitter Oko-Bier Bucher Pilsner, creamy Riedenburger Organic Lager, Vintage Roots' malty Organic Lager, and the colorful Cannabia Hemp Bavarian (which is made from organic hemp and comes complete with a marijuana leaf on its label).
If there's enough of a malty aroma, it can suppress the fatty aroma," Zehentbauer says.