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subjected to cruel treatment

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element-invisibleNation ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1"If proven to have misbehaved, I will personally lead the filing of cases against the policemen who allegedly maltreated these two college students," Supiter said.
The judicial magistrate inquired, using hand gestures, from the Chinese nationals if they were tortured or maltreated.
I have set up the sanctuary for providing protection and shelter to maltreated, beaten and starved stray dogs' Zeba told.
LONDON -- Kuwaiti institutions and societies have contributed to establishing and funding care houses for the maltreated or the needy, including shelters for battered women, in British cities and towns.
The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) - National Reintegration Center for OFWs (NRCO) in Region 2 is continuously granting Livelihood Development Assistance Program (LDAP) to repatriated undocumented and maltreated Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).
Baylin and Hughes present readers with a comprehensive examination of how the attachment-focused family therapy model helps maltreated children recover the potential to experience a full emotional childhood at the neural level.
He dispelled the impression that Afghan refugees are being either harassed or maltreated during the checking and said that even a Pakistani citizen would have to face the law if he/she doesn\'t keep computerized identity card (CNIC) or proof of identity.
Disorganized/disoriented attachment relationships in maltreated infants.
states and the District of Columbia In terms of 15 key metrics, ranging from Infant death rates to child food-insecurity rates to the percentage of maltreated children.
Being maltreated by adults--but not picked on by peers--generally leads to fewer long-lasting mental health issues.
A survey conducted by Trinity College Dublin revealed that 30 percent of homosexuals and bisexuals in Ireland are maltreated at work, as ten percent quite due to being discriminated against.
NAI Director Sadiqullah Tawhidi said six journalists had been killed, four injured, nine arrested, 35 maltreated and 24 others threatened since May 3, 2013.
THE organiser of a Midland festival dedicated to huskies said the breed's welfare is at "breaking point", with many maltreated or abandoned.
Imagine, countless parents nowadays facing the dilemma of picturing in their minds if theirs would be - or have been abused and maltreated the same way unknowingly.
Others have been neglected or maltreated," she said.