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a white crystalline sugar formed during the digestion of starches


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Pesquisas mostram que a suplementacao via ovo com maltose mais sacarose e outros carboidratos proporcionaram reducao do uso das reservas de glicogenio do figado e da proteina do musculo dos fembrioes (UNI; FERKET, 2003; TAKO et al.
Maltose, Acarbose and MRD were dissolved in distillated water and administered orally by intra-gastric route (in a final volume of 1 ml) (Ortiz-Andrade et al.
Interference of Maltose, Icodextrin, Galactose, or Xylose with some blood glucose monitoring systems.
T] M124 M397 Hospital B B Patient sex/age, y F/45 M/25 Date referred/isolated 2006 May 2006 Dec API test code Rapid ID32 Strep 00100010100 00102010100 Coryne 1010321 1410321 Acid production from Glucose + + + Lactose - - - Maltose V -(+) -(+) Melibiose - - - Pullulan - - - Raffinose - - - Ribose V + + Sucrose V + + Trehalose V - - MBDG - - - Hydrolysis of hippurate V + + Production of [alpha]-galactosidase - - - [beta]-galactosidase V - -(+) [alpha]-glucosidase + -(+) -(+) Alkaline phosphatase - - - APPA V - + GenBank accession no.
Therefore the order of reactivities of these sugars is glucose ~ galactose > maltose > fructose > sucrose.
These include corn sugar, corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, glucose, glucose syrup, high-fructose glucose syrup, honey, invert sugar, invert sugar syrup, isoglucose, levulose, maltose, molasses, sucrose and sucrose syrup.
Different sugars (dextrose, sucrose, maltose, etc) may look the same or similar, but they caramelize (brown) at different temperatures.
Look out for other words used to describe sugars like fructose, glucose, maltose, corn syrup and hydrolysed starch - 10g or more per 100g is a lot, 2g or less per 100g is a little.
They include sucrose, glucose, dextrose, corn and glucose syrup# Natural sugars, such as fructose, lactose and maltose, reduce the risk of plaque build-up.
Thus formed the Maltose Falcons Home Brewing Society, a devoted band of beer artisans who linked up to further the then-illicit art of ale making.
But according to Anheuser-Busch, there is no maltose in beer.
But up to two thirds of it can be replaced by other sugars, including maltose and sucrose.
Arsenic is used for confectionery and brewing purposes in what is known as dextrin maltose.
With maltose as its main sugar, this sweetener affects blood sugar levels more moderately than straight sucrose; it contains some B vitamins as well.
The diversified range of Rafhan Maize Products, includes unmodified, modified, oxidised and cationic starches, dextrin's, glucose syrups, high maltose syrup, dextrose, caramel, adhesives, corn oil, corn gluten feeds/ meal and germ cake.